Criterion continue to tease Burnout project

Nintendo Universe writes:

Whilst its existence may have been prematurely outed by the Australian Government in a recent classification by their ratings board, it would seem that Criterion Games are keen on teasing the secrets behind a game known only as Burnout Crash.

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laz19732785d ago

If it's true bring it on.Burnout Crash is the best bit of Burnout and a game about this should be out.Lets hope it's a disc game and not a download.

Noble Spartan2785d ago

full Burnout game for home consoles please, been very long time.

Burnout undeniably the best racing francise ever. Takedown revolutionised racing games.

firefoxprime2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Burnout3: Takedown?
Best racing...franchise...ever. Also, EA doesn't milk the series, so its life is really spread out.

Oh, and sweet news on B3T! Appearently Alex Ward of Criterion Games released this tweet!

@Waltyftm: Meh. Paradise was "okay" but it definetly didn't have that level of difficulty in Takedown. Nu uh... I'm so lucky. I switch to the PS2 in 2006(I know, I'm a realllly...late console buyer) So imagine my nerdgasm when I switched from PS1 graphics to Burnout 3: Takedown(my first ps2 racer.) Also got G.Turismo 4. You can guess which one is sittin at gamestop right now....MUhahahahaha!!!!

waltyftm2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Please Criterion dont do it, Just give me Paradise 2.

Kurisu2785d ago

I have to disagree. Although I did enjoy Paradise, and it was fun online, it was missing the excitement of Burnout 3. That was the only other Burnout game I had played, and it was easily one of my favourite PS2 games.

With Paradise I found it annoying having to drive around to find different events, only then to realise that you need a different car. Then you had to drive all the way to a garage, get the right car, go back to the event etc. And then if you lose the event? NO RETRY option! :(

Maybe a Paradise 2 would be alright if Criterion fix some of the problems such as adding a retry option, and maybe letting you choose a car once you get to the event. But I'd still be much happier with a good ol' return to the simpler times.

trainsinrdr2785d ago

you do know that paradise was patched to include a retry option right?

EazyC2785d ago

Wow i turned on my ps2 to try Burnout 2 and 3.... Gotta say, i actually much prefer it without Paradise's free roaming crap. Actually, Burnout 2 might be my favorite game of all time.... So many memories from its awesome split screen!!!

hennessey862785d ago

since they are now developing the hot pursuit games aswell and they are in direct competition. so im guessing they are going to take burnout and make it something different

spunnups2785d ago

Burnout Paradise 2 is a must

Ddouble2785d ago

Yea i would rather Paradise 2 but maybe for next gen instead.

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earbus2785d ago

Hope it goes back to the old style paradise was boring.

kaozgamer2785d ago

I just want road rage back and splitscreen multiplayer(probably the only time me and my dad played a video game together). that was why burnout takedown was the best in the series(my opinion).

TrevorPhillips2785d ago

I would love to see a new Burnout game :)

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The story is too old to be commented.