Epic expecting Gears 3 beta to top a million

Epic Games says it's expecting a million Xbox 360 owners to join in with the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta when it launches later this month.

Access to the Xbox Live trial, which is set to kick off for Gold subscribers on April 25, can be gained by pre-ordering Gears 3 from GAME or Gamestation in the UK.

Owners of the Bulletstorm Epic Edition will gain access to the beta a week earlier on April 18.

But according to exec producer Rod Fergusson, although the beta will be broadly available to 360 owners, Epic's "not trying to set any records" in terms of the amount of users participating in the tryout.

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The Meerkat2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

So there should be no excuses for LAG, Host Shotgun or Bullet Sponging in the finished game.

Oh and if it takes more than 45 seconds to find a game i'm going to find you Cliffy B and hurt you.

shaun mcwayne2759d ago

oh there will be issues, but thats what the beta is all about so we can help find glitches and stuff so it can be fixed before release.

thats also why there are unlocks for the full game, to force us to use specific weapons more than we usually would so they can nerf or strengthin them before release day.

LionheartAce2759d ago

I thought 1 & 2 were already the beta tests? LOL. Yeah...

Let's see if they fix it, finally.

just_looken2759d ago

we always say this yet its like few betas actully improve the finial mp quaility theres always patch's week 1 this gen.

montyburns0002759d ago

i have never encountered 45min matchmaking, 5min tops. maybe you should try the game again, Epic has supported their game a hell of a lot more than the average developer.

Active Reload2759d ago

He/she said 45 seconds, not minutes...

DirtyLary2759d ago ShowReplies(2)
Sugreev20012759d ago

Damn,I bought Bulletstorm for my PS3 :(

ATiElite2759d ago

And why did you do that?
You should of bought Bulletstorm for your 360 and that way you could of gotten some enjoyment from it.....Gears3 beta!!

And that's the ONLY reason to buy Bulletstorm cause this game is a rental at best.

Sugreev20012759d ago

Actually,I quite enjoyed the game.Granted,the Gears 3 beta would have been sweet coz I'm a huge fan of the franchise...but the game was well worth the money,even on the PS3.

xtremegamerage2759d ago

The Meerkat

How is the