Digital Spy: Hands-on with L.A. Noire

Digital Spy writes: "L.A. Noire has the potential to be a genuinely brave leap forward for video gaming. After all, the title will this year become the first game ever to be honoured at the Tribeca Film Festival, celebrating the crossover between filmmaking and interactive entertainment. Alongside the cerebral investigation and storytelling, the game also incorporates third-person shooting sequences similar to GTA and Red Dead Redemption. L.A. Noire could well build on the success of Quantic Dream's groundbreaking Heavy Rain, dealing with dark themes in a cinematic storyline that is also crucially great fun to play. However, the game's real challenge will be its sense of balance - can the mix of detective work and action really satisfy the majority of players? Equally, will the overarching narrative, most probably involving the Black Dhalia mystery, have enough weight to ensure the individual investigations don't feel episodic? We'll find out when L.A. Noire makes its case this spring."

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