Three recent PC gaming controversies

Ironhammers writes: I was reading a review of Crysis 2 this weekend — it’s a game which, as a PC gamer, I remain a little wary of — especially with the accusations of it being aimed more toward the console crowd. While thinking this over, I realised that for some reason the developers decisions seem to become a lot more controversial, a lot more quickly for the PC gaming people out there. Are we being elitist? Have we just been spoilt in the past? Whatever the reason, I thought I’d consult the readers. Here’s a few recent ones that caused an outcry

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plb2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I've been gaming on PC since the early 90's and I will tell you it's not what it used to be but hey times change. PC games today mostly revolve around RTS, MMO, and Indie titles. Sure other genres are played but not nearly as much as on the consoles. And yeah most developers seem to now focus attention more on consoles because that is where the majority of the money is and it would be silly to ignore your primary source of income.

Drjft2813d ago

Ubisoft DRM: Who gives a shit. We live in a world where something like 80% of the population has access to an always-on internet connection.

If you can afford a PC good enough to run games Ubisoft publishes you should be able to afford a decent internet connection.

Starcraft II: Who needs LAN when you have the internet. See above.

IW-Net: Only thing I agree on. Activision and Infinity Ward lost their minds making Modern Warfare 2. Direct console to PC port.

CoLD FiRE2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Ubisoft DRM: Where I live there aren't that many ISPs and all of them suck balls even though I have a decent 20Mbps connection. Guess what? While I'm writing this my connection dropped! I don't play many online games because of this. So now if all companies start implementing Ubisoft-like DRM in OFFLINE games I'm screwed and might start buying more games for my Xbox 360.

Starcraft II: Seriously, this is really not cool I mean if we start accepting this more developers will stop implementing such features and say: hey we're lazy and gamers like to take it in the ass so why waste time adding these features?

Drjft2813d ago

Hey wiseguy, I'm on a 9Mbps connection, I pay $70 a month for ADSL, so this isn't even fast internet.

My connection never drops. I live in Australia, one of the worst money-to-data cost countries in the world. If I can manage a decent connection so can you.

Go buy more games for your console, see if I give a fuck, because PC is better off without whining little bitches.

CoLD FiRE2812d ago

You're such an ass I never insulted you in my reply yet you start calling me names!? I have been gaming on PC since I was 4 and the only "whining little bitch" I see here is "Drjft".

So, grow up and start being more civilized and watch your mouth. Just because you're spouting bullshit behind a keyboard doesn't give you the right to be an uncivilized monkey...BIG MAN :\

radphil2813d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Glad to see Drjft isn't part of the gaming industry.

I mean really? Really? You're using this old mentality?:

"If I can manage a decent connection so can you."

It's the "if it happens to me, anyone can do it/ If it doesn't happen to me, then it's not real" mentality.

News flash: Economy and technology in other regions vary.

And here's your internet statistics:


World penetration is only at 28.7 % This was recorded from 2000 to 2010. So no..we DON'T live in a world with 80% connected.

matrix462813d ago

@Drjft what the hell are you talking about? Do you work for Ubisoft? Your comment has no merit. What if I bought the game at a retail outlet & I didn't download? Then why should I have an always on internet connection?

Drjft2813d ago

And no I don't work for Ubisoft, but their DRM is fine. It's just a matter of ungrateful swine whinging about more pointless shit that they have no control over.

Suck it up and keep playing, otherwise just leave gaming. Simple.

matrix462812d ago

Sounds to me like your the type of person who excepts whatever he's told. Get over yourself the whole point of this forum is for me to express my opinion. Still waiting for a response as to why DRM is fine.

Saryk2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

The first thing that comes to mind for us PC gamers:

If a game has no LAN, Dedicated servers or a DRM of being online 24/7, it should be plainly stated for people who are going to buy the game. It is not like PC gamers can just bring the game back or get our money back for a crappy product. However I believe that PC gamers need to use their voice and WALLET. It is one thing to talk the talk, but we need to walk it also………….

matrix462813d ago

@xbox-threesixty ask your mama about being a twat, also who asked about whether I have my internet always on. Next time make point when discussing a topic.