Modern warfare - Call of Duty style with new pictures

T3 says "We take to the battlefield with Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare.

Transparency tech lets you see the whites of your enemies' eyes, even if they're wearing a mask..Get this game on your Christmas wishlist now. Right now. It's far and away the best first-person shooter we've played this year, and yes, that includes Halo 3.

Built around the popular Call of Duty franchise, the new version takes a mammoth leap forward. Gone are the WWII settings, and in comes modern warfare, and all the techno goodies you'd expect.

Think laser sights, tank-busting missiles and night vision, coupled with some of the most eye-popping visual effects we've ever seen.

We took a trip to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for ourselves, and had to be prized off the joypad. It's single-handedly changed the way we look at war games, and has to be top of your shopping list once it's released on November 9th. Check it out on PS3 and Xbox 360, and take a squiz at our image gallery in the meantime."

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