Can you die from playing too much video games?

Lets look at some reasons people some gaming is harmful,

1. It will ruin your eyesight
2. Sometimes if you play a video game that is just too interesting and addicting, your kidneys could explode from not noticing when to urinate
3. Depends what kind of Video Games you play. Lets take Gears of War 3 as an example. Gears of War 3 is kind of violent so that means if you keep playing it, you might become more violent
4. You could get addicted too much to make you do not so good things,
OK here’s my thoughts

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goodfellajay2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

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Nate-Dog2546d ago

Well bad eyesight can't kill you, I'm pretty sure if your kidneys were about to explode you'd notice it and be able to sort that out before it gets that far, a person becoming violent from playing violent games (which is a incredible rarity, not to the media though of course) might not cause harm to themselves, not really sure what you mean about getting addicted so much "to make you do not so good things"? Either way again such a high addiction to video-games which makes you stop living life is a very rare occurence.

It can certainly raise health issues, yes, but I'm pretty sure video-games can actually "kill" you.

goodfellajay2546d ago

can lead you to kill yourself..thats a fact..a few years ago..a dude did..over WOW

Warprincess1162546d ago

Well he must have already been mentally unstable because a normal person would not do that.

Ares842545d ago

People kill themselves over many things. I would think that most suicide happens because of love and loss of all personal belongings/property not because of video games. So should love be outlawed?

No, media has nothing better to do than to blame video games for everything they can't find the actuall answers for. Why did this guy die, or why did that guy get so violent? Oh yeah, let's blame it on video games.

No people, video games aren't the problem here. If someone is willing to take their own life they already had some major mental health issues even before they picked up a controller or k/m.

I laugh at these "doctors" who state that "oh video games are evil and bad for you" They can be bad sure, if abused. Just like anything else. If you eat too much you get fat, if you drink too much alcohol you get to be an alcoholic and your liver will fail. If you work out too much your joints can get killed easily. If you read too much your eyesight can get damaged a LOT especially if you are reading a book that has bright wihte paper with black letters on it. Even if your read here on N4G you are damageing your eye.

So ANYTHING can be harmful to your health and could lead to death if abused. Just keep that in mind.

There is an old Hungarian saying that goes: Too much of good can be harmful.

DaTruth2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

"Either way again such a high addiction to video-games which makes you stop living life is a very rare occurence."

People with that kind of addiction to gaming usually got there by not having a life in the first place; they don't tend to have much to lose in that department! We've all seen the pictures!

trainsinrdr2546d ago

then i saw her face now im a believer without a trace or doubt in my mind then i saw her face ooooooo im a believer i couldnt leave her if i tried

warrior99882546d ago

well recently i read alot of father/mothers killing children because of gaming or children interupting them during there game session thats pretty sad i have 1 son me him & his mother play together but some people are effed up

goodfellajay2546d ago

thats aother why i the full..on story on my site..

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