First screenshots of Pokemon Farm and Doctor Mario on WiiWare emerge

Nintendo has released the first screenshots of both Dr. Mario and Pokemon Farm, which will both be available for download when the Nintendo Wii service launches next March.

Pokemon Farm's bright and simple art style displays Miis jollying about in proper farmer attire, while the first set of Dr. Mario images show that you'll be able to represent yourself onscreen with a Mii.

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d3l33t4084d ago

Dr. mario? HOLY SHIV a game i want on wii!

Darkiewonder4084d ago

Pikachu looks like hell in that picture. lmao

MrWeymes4084d ago

I know the Wii isn't about graphics, but those Pokemon Farm screenshots hurt my eyes. I wonder what the gameplay is all about, though.

Darkiewonder4084d ago

take care of it and take screenshots to share with friends.