PS3 Thief Escapes Prison; Given Last Chance

Michael Keane was spotted by an off-duty security guard taking a PS3 games console from UK retailer Asda on January 25th. He has now escaped prison by getting given a last chance to turn his life around.

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doctorstrange2607d ago

No point overfilling the prisons even more. Hopefully he can live clean

Quagmire2606d ago

nah, just his thumbs, funnier that way

Raven_Nomad2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

He should just get a job or a second job if need be!

ANIALATOR1362607d ago

Why couldn't he just save and work hard like everyone else?
Oblivion guard: "Criminal Scum!"

PainisCupcake2607d ago

*Combine Soldier* STOP you violated the law!

BeOneWithTheGun2607d ago

Heeeeey! You're the Grey Fox! You're wanted for...well...all kinds of things!!!

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