Mii's Confirmed in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games along with Dream Events

SEGA confirmed four unique Dream events in their new Mario & Sonic at the Olympics game, Dream Race, Dream Platforming, Dream Table Tennis and Dream Fencing.

Also they have confirmed the fact that Mii's will be playable characters!!

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taz80804084d ago

More Wii games need to incorporate the Mii's into the playable scheme of the titles. I think the Mii's are a big feature that people like on the WIi and they arent fully exploiting it yet.

drunkpandas4084d ago

Agreed. I have a ton of Mii's that I'd love to use as avatars in games for the Wii. Hopefully more games start to implement this feature. I want to use my Dwight K. Schrute Mii :)

Basch4084d ago

...not that I could ever have taken this seriously, mind.