Study: Parents More Likely to 'Shield' Girls From Violent Games Than Boys

According to a recent study conducted by Information Solutions Group, parents are more likely to forbid their child from playing "hardcore" games if that child is female.

Dr. Carl Arinoldo, author of Essentials of Smart Parenting, chalks this up to the prevailing attitude that boys are just naturally more aggressive and action-oriented than girls, so a little violence is no big deal for them. Parents tend to feel that girls, on the other hand, are delicate little flowers that need to be protected from such things.

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PS360WII4054d ago

well that's because they are sugar and spice and everything nice right?

oh and they don't sweat they glissen... and no girl farts... hmm what else

monkey6024054d ago

I don't know about the rest of you but I thought this was fairly obvious

SpaceCowgirl4054d ago

My kids will be forced to play videogames, but I will teach them about videogames the same way I learned. First they will have to master the Atari, then they will have to learn the ways of the Sega Genesis, Sonic the Hedgehog, then maybe let them have a go at the Italian Plumber. Then they will have to Conquer the Super Nes. Once I feel they are old enough and ready they will move onto the Sega Saturn and Playstation 1, then they will learn the joys of barrel rolling on the N64. As they Mature and grow I will then give them access to the Dreamcast, X-box and PS2 and finally once they have reached a certain age I will give them their own 360 and live account, but of course once I am certain they are mature enough to use it and understand the dangers of the internet and how Internet society and politics work. Of course through this entire interactive indoctrination process their gender will have no effect on their progression or what I expose them to. The amount of Sexuality I allow them to be exposed to will vary depending on how I see their maturity, understanding and knowledge of the world grows. I doubt that my kids will be able to handle Gears of War at the age of 12, but you know when I was 8 I was watching hardcore slasher films so who knows how my kids will develop.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4053d ago

It's more like boys are the ones who want to play those games, and there's really no way of stopping them.