Confirmed: EA Developing For NGP; Games Unveiled

Via a profile of an EA employee, it has been confirmed that the studio is developing for the NGP and what games it’ll make for the portable.

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theonlylolking2761d ago

I wish it was BF3 or mirrors edge 2

HolyOrangeCows2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Yeah, nothing too exciting here, other than maybe that new Burnout.

"Sims is EA right?"
Yes. Hmmmm......hopefully we see a traditional Sims game on the NGP, so long as it isn't rushed like the Sims 3 port on 3DS.

Shackdaddy8362761d ago

Fifa 12 should be fun. That game is addicting as hell. And it's hilarious once you change the language to spanish

stevenhiggster2760d ago


I used to like changing it to German, German commentary is funny, if you don't speak German obviously.

Iroquois_Pliskin2760d ago

i would be surpised if they wasnt...

Istanbull2760d ago

I dont like it how Fifa doesnt have Turkish commentary :(

gamesmaster2760d ago

handheld burnout,
handheld battlefield 3.

put my name down for both of these.

rezzah2760d ago

Shadows of the Damned looks great, you should check out the trailer.

zeal0us2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

with SecuRom anyone?

hopefully the game will utilize the full potential behind the NGP and not be just another knockoff title to get some easy $$$

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HardCover2760d ago

BF3 is barely fitting on consoles. A handheld port would be an abomination.

kerrak2760d ago

Considering NGP is designed with portable fps in mind, COD portable is coming, and EA is heavily investing in taking a part of the FPS cake, yeah, EA will probably stop thinking about NGP BF3 and wait to see what happens in this new scenario.

Hitman07692761d ago

Hell yeah, EA can do great things here. :)

Thecraft19892761d ago

I want to know the price of this beast

zero_cool2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

The beast from the rising sun!

showtimefolks2760d ago

249 for basic model without 3g and maybe 349 with 3g but if you sign up with a service provider the 3g model could be really cheap

that's just my gut feeling

DigitalHorror812760d ago

Why the disagrees? I think he's spot on. I've asked around about service providers and nobody knows anything yet. 250 for the Wi-Fi only seems like a great price and 350 for the Wi-Fi and 3G model seems fair.

But again, if you disagree, explain why. Don't just hide and be a disagree fairy.

strifeblade2760d ago

it will be 300 for basic model and 350 for 3g model.

im 1000% SURE

soren2760d ago

eh i dont no about it having a price of 250 there not going to sell there next gen hand held for the same price as the last gen one makes no scene 300 to 350 sounds about right i think at least no more then that i hope

ShinFuYux2761d ago

That's it? Just FIFA2012? No Shift 2? Well, I guess that's just one department.

by the way, i find it funny how he called it "PSP2" not "NGP". Does that hint for something?

strifeblade2760d ago

no it does not hint anything, it means EA is clueless about the ngp, so much that the guy in the head office will *facepalm* himself once he figures the truth

femshep2760d ago

that and everyone has gotten in the habit of calling it the psp2....which if they decide to name it something else then itll be pretty funny

Stealth20k2761d ago

Why anyone would be excited about EA hasnt played there DS or psp games.

pain777pas2760d ago

You're right, but dual analog sticks changes everything.

labaronx2760d ago

especially for a madden or college football game

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