Samsung Game Station: mobile games on the big screen

Samsung's latest mobile games initiative in South Korea is called Game Station, and involves hooking your phone up to a TV to play 3D games on a full-sized screen.

Pocket Gamer is currently out in Korea, and recently had the chance to give the technology a test in Samsung's Anycall showcase store in Seoul. Several games were on show, including a football title, and a crazy 2D beat-'em-up where your character turns into a goat as one of the special moves.

It's certainly easy to hook your phone up to a TV – connecting the TV-out cable switches off the phone's display, transmitting the game on the larger screen instead.

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sak5004080d ago

If i have a tv to hook my cell phone then i'd be playing with my console not a crappy cellphone game with atrocious contols. I play cellphone games to kill time when i'm not in home.

marcellizot4079d ago

It's a fair point, but this invention may well be a godsend for gamers on a budget out in parts of the world were wages won't afford an expensive under the TV console.

Also look at how far mobile games have come, give them another couple of years and they may stil be a long way off replicating home consoles but they will certainly be of the sort of quality that anyone would be happy to play on their TV.

You are right about the controls though, something drastic has to be done there for the medium to ever be an alternative to other home gaming solutions.