Gaming Showdown – Black Ops vs Crysis 2

Here we want to find out which games, developers, characters and a whole host of other things that you prefer. We take your ideas and put them into the format of a showdown, because what’s more fun than that!?

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DrHouse2787d ago

Not a comparison. Crysis 2 won already. reason: Hit-detection actually works

redd0r2787d ago

I seriously find the exact opposite. Which platform?

BuckenBerry2787d ago

Black Ops wasn't that bad, I just didn't find it as good as the previous outings in the series.

redd0r2787d ago

Black Ops is fine for me now, had its problems at the start though.

SJPFTW2787d ago

not as good COD4 but was way better than mw2 adn WAW

Soldierone2787d ago

Agreed. Id give Killzone 3 a slight edge on PS3 simply due to animations in enemies, and enviromental things.

However Crysis 2 is still a spectacular looking game on PS3 and blows Black Ops out of the water in every way possible.

The only thing Black Ops has going for it is the rehashed Infinity Ward online gameplay, at which Treyarch somehow dumbed down and made boring during extended hours of play.

HeavenlySnipes2787d ago

from my time playing it they are quite similar. They have similar killstreaks, similar gunplay, similar gamemodes and similar playercounts. The only thing different is the suit, which sadly promotes mobile invisible campers

DrHouse2787d ago

There is a remedy, "predator" allows you to see cloakers, you can sense when they enter in and out, ither perks allow you to track footsteps.

psman0122787d ago

Black Ops : Crysis 2 :: Mud : Cheesecake

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BuckenBerry2787d ago

I could only vote on Black Ops, I still need to play Crysis 2! Does anyone have any thoughts on the game?

EddyD2787d ago

Great game, on par with black ops (if black ops ran the way it should)

Soldierone2787d ago

Absolute must play for any gamer. Its up there with Killzone 3. However requires a bit more skill than Black Ops, more like MW2 with an added twist and slight difficulty curve.

Dunno why its even being compared to that of Black Ops. EA knows how to handle servers this generation....

trainsinrdr2787d ago

Graphics - Crysis 2
Gameplay - Crysis 2
Multiplayer - Both suck
Story - Black ops

SanMarco2787d ago

we talkin sales or quality.

nuff said.

TruthSeeker2787d ago

Crysis 2 is better overall.

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