Latest Halo 3 ad drops well-known bomb: Snape kills Dumbledore

The clip below is the latest in Microsoft's line of "Believe" ads for their mega smash hit Halo 3. Regardless of your feelings on the actual game, you have to admit the ads have been up there with similar output from Budweiser, Nike and other such companies notorious for shelling out millions for thirty second spots people spend hours talking about at their respective water coolers.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4084d ago

Ads are pretty crazy IMO.

Maybe they don't correlate to the game as much as say....the movie? of the other works in progress? LOL. Wouldn't Halo Haters everywhere be pretty pissed if MS was just getting started with Halo 3?

Anonagrog4084d ago

What's the point in naming the title 'snape kills dumbledore'??

SmokeyMcBear4084d ago

so wait.. the old soldier hasnt been there in 33 years, but he knows exactly where the ceremony was held 5 years ago??? uhhh someone messed up

calderra4084d ago

Even though he says something to the effect of, "nobody remembers exactly where it was" and "it was somewhere over there". Good job.

SmokeyMcBear4084d ago

uh sorry dude, listen to it again. No one knows where master chief's grave is (according to halo3 its up in space, i guess), but anyways, he states that one knows where masterchief's grave is, but the ceremony was held up there, and he points to a particular hills, as a symbolic gesture, the coffin was empty. So he knows exactly where the ceremony was, but he hast been there for 33 years.. try again.

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The story is too old to be commented.