5 of the Best… Pro Wrestling Games

The biggest event in the professional wrestling calendar is almost upon us, so with Wrestlemania XVII so close, what better time to look back at five of the best recreations of sports entertainment gaming has to offer?

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DaReapa2810d ago

Surprised to see that none of the N64 gems made that list. NWO vs WCW Revenge was a beast.

Mr PS3602810d ago

No Mercy was the best wrestling game ever.

Grown Folks Talk2810d ago

Pro Wrestling (NES) Wrestlemania Challenge (NES) NWO vs WCW (N64) Wrestlemania 2000 (N64) Royal Rumble (Sega Genesis) Raw (Sega Genesis)

The bestest. The end.

Best actual wrestling NWA in the 80s.

Relientk772810d ago

Loved the early WWE Smackdown games