Mortal Kombat 9 Bosses are Non-Playable Characters

Save and Quit write: "Hector Sanchez from NeatherRealm Studios has come out to say that the Mortal Kombat bosses will not be able to be unlocked as playable characters. Sanchez said they are just sticking to “the main heroes of the game” to be the playable characters..."

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ZombieAssassin1942d ago

I only disagreed because I'd love to see a Goro fatality.

lociefer1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

IF they release a dlc to unlock playing as them it would be a really bad move , but its a good thing for those idiots who like to play as overpowered bosses online ( seth anyone ? )

LOGICWINS1942d ago

I'm personally okay with this. If Goro was a playable character, I could see him being overpowered.

Solidus187-SCMilk1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

in the form of a new edition or a DLC. If not, I will be really surprised.

Focker4201942d ago


I was really hoping we could play with Goro!!!!!!!!!!

Rumor1942d ago

i hate fighting non playable characters in fighting games. it's such a tease

i think its safe to say that we all would have wanted to own as$ with Tabuu in Super smash bros brawl....

Kahvipannu1941d ago

He might still have fatality, when the player lose... (?)

oricon1941d ago

Loool @ Lociefer seth overpowered? do you seriously play Street Fighter?

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ATiElite1942d ago

When are we gonna get Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter? That's what we all want.

fryday1942d ago

you mean Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct

THAT's what we all want.

Brash_Attack1942d ago

If they keep fighting all these other games, when will they have time to fight Dead or Alive? C'MON!

Solidus187-SCMilk1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Mortal kombat vs Street fighter vs Killer instinct vs Teken vs DOA vs KOF vs Marvel vs DC vs UFC vs WWE vs Nintendo?

Ill buy that game.

Focker4201942d ago

Here let me finish that for you...

vs. Soul Calibur vs. Virtua Fighter

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the_best_player1942d ago

Tekken 6 is the best fighting game and we all know it :)

ZombieAssassin1942d ago

For me it's a toss up of the Tekken series and Mortal Kombat series for best fighters. I haven't played Tekken 6 though just all the rest and have Tekken 2 and Tekken DR Online on my Ps3. I personally think Tekken Tag might be one of the most fun fighters of all time if not the most fun I can't wait till we get Tekken Tag 2 and the fact the new MK includes a tag mode that allows 4 players just makes it all the better.

Nate-Dog1942d ago

Tekken 6 is rubbish compared to Tekken 2 or 3!

Focker4201942d ago

They ruined Tekken 6 with the 'bound' capability...

dkgshiz1941d ago

Yeah right. If you like boring combat then Tekken is the fighting series for you.

Kahvipannu1941d ago

For me Tekken 6 was little let-down.. The "campaign" was addicting tought.

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mcsm1941d ago

i wonder how much they will charge later for these "non-playable characters"

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Visari1942d ago

Yet another reason why I won't buy this garbage.

belal1942d ago

dude STFU, mommy didn't have more money to give you ;)

unicron71942d ago

lol Oh man. This is the best MK to release since MK3. I've played the demo countless times, which is more than I can say for any other fighting game this generation. Soul Calibur sucks now. Tekken sucks now. Street Fighter, is actually great. This however, is superb. Going back to the meat and potatoes of what made MK great will work out for them immensely I do believe.


You must really have your panties in a bunch for some reason. A boss character is to be feared and mysterious. Putting them in as playable characters would break the flow of the games combo system too. These bosses don't deliver 10 hit combos..mks boss characters have always been slow moving extremely powerful characters.

Anyway, it doesn't sound like you're much of an Mk fan to begin w. Why are you pretending to give a shit about who is and isn't in the game.

Also, if this is only "yet another" reason you choose not to buy the game, please enlighten us: what other reasoning do you have? Hmmmmmmm??

the_best_player1942d ago

sluggish controls, with low number move list also no side step and no good defence moves.

warrior99881942d ago

its a 2D fighting game how do you think side stepping is possible ?

ERMAC_1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

No good defense moves? Block? Teleport? Look for an opening?

Not every game needs a mash-able get out of jail free shoryken.

Also, # moves doesn't mean shit. There is something called "depth vs breadth". They could give you 500 moves, and only 15 of those are actually practical would yield the same result as a game with 30 moves and 15 of those are usable.

Same reason why 2D mk> 3D mk. More moves, less depth.

Kahvipannu1941d ago

Powerbar adds "combo-breakers" to the game, which is great for mp.

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waltyftm1942d ago

Championship edition to be released in 2012.

moeqawama1942d ago

Super to follow after that

waltyftm1942d ago

Then super Turbo x edition.

Solidus187-SCMilk1942d ago

this will be called ultimate MK9 or MK9 GOLD.

akatsuky671942d ago

better dont want any one to be cheating whith them ab for the guy who said the game is garbage dude learn to play whith the normal people not the bosses they are cheap

SpLinT1942d ago

well i want Mortal Kombat vs Super Smash Bros.

ZombieAssassin1942d ago

Mortal Kombat vs The world!!!

krazykombatant1942d ago

MY GOD MAN!, would you imagine the possibilities, Falcon knee, spikes down to a fatality :O!

Kahvipannu1941d ago

Seeing Scorpion to rip Super mario in half, or Mario doing same to some other character would be epic win indeed. :D

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