The March Game of the Month

IncGamers debate which game deserves the Game of the Month award.

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Chazmers2542d ago

Surprised Crysis 2 hasn't been included!

NanoSoldier2542d ago

Crysis 2 = the closet to PC-Gaming you can get on consoles

iamironman2542d ago

What makes that such a good thing?

CrazedJackPotty2542d ago

Game of the month is either top spin4 or crisis 2. Homefront is good as well

Chazmers2542d ago

Homefront was nothing but a mundane shooter that brought nothing new to the genre

CrazedJackPotty2542d ago

It didn't bring anything new but what it tried to do it did really good. You don't always have to do something new to be good

Ducky2542d ago

'tis a pity how that game gets overlooked when it's one of the highest rated games this year.

iamironman2542d ago

Shogun sounds like it's good but top spin 4 and crisis 2 sound better. Especially top spin lots of places are saying that's the best tennis game ever. Shogun isn't the best war game ever

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