MCV: New PS3 SKUs Hit UK Retail and Screens

40GB model and new 60GB bundles arrive on the High Street

After the numerous price reductions and new SKUs that Sony has introduced in its PS3 hardware range across all its global territories, today marks the arrival of the new-look PS3 offer at UK retail.

Gamers looking to snap up Sony's console can from today can choose between the 40GB model at £299.99 and the reduced price 60GB model at £349.99 – down from its previous price of £424.99.

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Antan4086d ago

Adverts are plastered all over the tabloids this morning. Most are offering a chart game at half price when you buy a 40gig version.

sonarus4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

ps3 and its associates have already started their rise to the top on uk charts currently 2nd on amazon uk behind wii and 4th on hmv best sellers behind fifa 08 for ps2, ps3 and halo. the 40gb isnt even on sale yet lets see what happens tommorrow

nix4086d ago

i can guess what nasim is going to say... but hey.. at least he drives away Mart and the others. q:

Bathyj4086d ago

If PS3 does win this generation, we'll all look back and say, this was the point the tide turned.

And dont forget, this is PS3s first real christmas as in being available all over the world, with stock and games to boot. I think they will do well.

mighty_douche4086d ago

i think the best deal ive seen is the 60gb playstation with any 2 games from a selection all for £349, now that is a barging. oh i think it was argos if anyones interested.

MrSwede4086d ago

Since there are many good games coming for the PS3 in this quarter of the year that alone will probably lift the sales of consoles. In order to confirm how important the price is they should do a comparison between the number of sold 40GB vs 60GB version. If it´s say 5-1 (40GB-60GB) then it´s confirmed how important price is.

gtgcoolkid4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Go PS3 Go. Time to catch up.

Edit: PS3 is Number 2 on Amazon UK now.

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The story is too old to be commented.