Available Now: Free Xbox LIVE Arcade Download - Toyota Yaris

Puzzle Quest & Toyota Yaris Available for Download Now!

Grab either Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords or Toyota Yaris on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is available for 1200 points, while Toytota Yaris is a free brand-supported game.

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macsto4031d ago

wow i just downloaded this game, and even though its free, I still feel ripped off.

BloodySinner4031d ago

Wow! After playing this garbage, you'd know why Microsoft would give it away for free.

4031d ago
Marceles4030d ago

at least it's free with achievement points...but from macsto's post it sounds like he wants his 10 seconds of his life back.

Darkiewonder4030d ago

I don't even have batteries in my controller to even try it out lawlz

Covenant4030d ago

I know the least the 360 doesn't use batteries as fast as the Wiimotes (those things gobble up batteries like candy).

A suggestion: Play and charge kits pay for themselves pretty quickly.

Darkiewonder4030d ago

I turned off the rumble and sound for taht remote just to make sure I have a long lasting experience without replacing the batteries.

The 360 controller battery that came with the system kept going even after several months [but then I just decided to throw it away]

But i'll have to invest in that charging kit soon :D

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