New Half life 2: Episode 2 gameplay videos

Two new Half life 2: Episode 2 videos from

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AngryHippo4085d ago

....f-ing brilliant.....cant wait

mighty_douche4085d ago

you had your time at the top, now its time to make way for the true master of FPS, FREEMAN!!!

if you've never played half-life 2 and your picking up the orange box regardless of platform you are in for one hell of a game experience, enjoy my friends, enjoy.

AngryHippo4085d ago

i loved halo 3 but this will get most of my attention over the coming months. Gordan Freeman is a legend. Can't wait to play team fortress 2 either, i love the engineer. Anyone want a match when its released on the gamertag is 'jayhead'

headblackman4085d ago

im loving my xbox360 more and more :) the killer apps just keep comming :) ps who??? nintendo what???

mighty_douche4084d ago

and play the game how its ment to be played. without 'upscaled graphics' and keyboard and mouse.

borgome4084d ago

No thanks, I'd rather sit on my comfy couch in front of my big screen. PC gaming is weak.

mighty_douche4084d ago

its not weak its just expensive.

id rather sit at my 24" monitor running games at better graphics settings at 1920x1080 and have a minimum of 60fps. untill consoles can handle that type of power the pc will always reign supreme.

admittidly, games like pro evo or platformers i will be playing on my ps3 for the reasons you mentioned, but FPS's home is the pc.

i was once like you untill i saw my friends new pc a few years back and i was hooked since then. i guess it all boils down to personal choice huh.

borgome4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

I guess its because I spend most of my day on a PC at work.

HarryEtTubMan4084d ago

Halo 3 sucked I wasted my money on a 360 for Halo 2.25 and this is also coming to PS3 as is ever other game with many more exclusives by the end of this year and MANY MANY more next year. Xbox 360 is a defective piece of garbage that both the consumers and Microsoft know will only be out a couple more years... Yes, you did waste your money and Ps3 will be out for the next 8-9 years selling strong. Dumb fanboy think what u want but Halo, Bioshock and masseffect aren't going to help Microsoft sell consoles are they? Nope. Sucks for Microsoft. 3rd isn't that bad though. And when all three consoles are finished selling they WILL be in 3rd, and by a large margin. 360 is already slowing down on game production in the next couple years LMAO. Hope you had fun LOL

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Marceles4084d ago

On the second video...why is that guy using the shotgun from so far away, what a n00b. Anyways, watching these videos bring back my HL2 memories, this game was awesome. I'm picking up the 360 version tomorrow and I might get the PC version once I get my Crysis-playing laptop: the Dell xps M1730 with dual nvidia 8700m cards.

sak5004084d ago

Played HL2 on my pc but now would like to try it out on my 50" HDTV and 360. From the looks of the movement in teh video it looks like taken from console version. The gfx looks good but close up of textures arent that great. I think Gears and bioshock raised the gfx bar a bit too high and this engine is showing its age. Still looks fun and TF2 online would be cool. Still juggling between h3, bio and Pgr4 demo to play on my 360.

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