Clannad PlayStation 3 Screenshots

Andriasang: Prototype is readying a PS3 version of the classic visual novel for 4/21. The latest screens, and a few pre-order bonuses. (Total 26 images)

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Redempteur1857d ago

game is better and 'm probably one of the few liking Vns and disliking clannad

rezzah1856d ago

I read of the multiple endings on Wiki...They were really sad compared to the anime ending.

Kalowest1857d ago

"I loved the anime."

Same here, but OMG its Fucking sad.

rezzah1856d ago

Yea it's one of or the saddest anime out there.

Perkel1856d ago

first time i loved it...

second time i hated it.

Probably same as evangelion, first time you see evangelion omfg comes to mind second time you notice that director used a cheap trick to move people.

It;s same as rising a puppy and then killing him. It's emontional ? For few days yes but after a while it is stupid.

@ Redempteur

same here