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Rumour: EU PSN updates roadmapped for the next month

If Videogamesblogger.com are to be believed, the upcoming month could be looking pretty shiny for the European PSN store. Apparently SCEE have revealed a list of full titles that will be released on the EU PlayStation Network store. The full list is as follows:

October 11th

* Ratchet and Clank demo

October 18th

* Feel Ski full game
* Pixel Junk Racers full game
* Blast Factor: Advanced Research add on
* Folklore "Kidnapped Folk" add on

October 25th

* EyeCreate full application
* Trials of Topoq full game
* Operation: Creature Feature full game
* Aqua Vita full game
* Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection online add on

November 8th

* Toy Home full game

PS1 games due out during October

* Crash Bandicoot 2
* Crash Bandicoot 3
* Everybody's Golf 2
* Crash Team Racing
* Bust a Groove
* Syphon Filter 3
* Cool Boaders
* Spyro 2
* Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PS3)
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Credit url: ps3fanboy.com
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lovedaddy  +   2568d ago
dang it
No castlevania PS1 title = very disappointing
omfg_111  +   2568d ago
americanGTA  +   2568d ago
just please go buy it off ebay for $10

pay the lil extra money, saves room on your harddrive

but seriously, ive heard enough b*tching about not enough ps1 games. WHO GIVES A CRAP!!!!!!!!!!
lovedaddy  +   2567d ago
@ americanGTA
this is why...


Thats castlevania on the UK ebay, notice £50 (thats $100 or there abouts) with 2 hours still to go.

Any maybe I also want to play it on my PSP as well as my PS3.

Try and think before you reply in future.
Siesser  +   2567d ago
Still have my copy of Crash Team Racing (best cart racer ever). It'd be cool if they made online play.

But what has me excited? Bust A Groove. One of my favorite PS1 games ever.
AngryHippo  +   2568d ago
ratchet and clank demo tomorrow?! awesome, really looking forward to playing this. Pretty good month for UK ps3 owners. i really wish Uncharted demo was on there too, god i want to play that game really bad, it looks amazing.
omfg_111  +   2568d ago
but im looking forward to crah bandicoot 3
and the ratchet & clank demo tomorrow! :)
felman87  +   2568d ago
those PS1 games are pretty good and it's hard to top R&C
Laexerias  +   2568d ago
When does Ratchet and Clank comes out in European? D:
MrSwede  +   2567d ago
From the looks of it, http://ps3.ign.com/index/re... November 9.
Bebedora  +   2568d ago
Early november
I think it's about first week in nov. (nov 7)

I'll be enjoying this demo for sure :D
UnblessedSoul  +   2567d ago
Where the fuks PES Demo FFS
eyeballpauluk  +   2567d ago
yeah wheres the pes demo...and what about the simpsons demo lol
xhi4  +   2567d ago
The Simpsons Demo is.....
only out on the American PSN shop, what you cann do is (a tad sneaky but) just create another user for your ps3, then sign up to the playstation network, put your country as america, then bull your way through, but for the address just go on the internet and find a random american address. That's if you want to, I'm not recommending it or have done it. DISCLAIMER. lol.
jromao  +   2567d ago
No trust in this article
Simpsons, GT5 and PES 2008 demos aren't included, means this article is far from what we should consider "good source".

To help the party, Uncharted Drake's Fortune demo was confirmed by the studio also for early November release in PSN, not in the list too.
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Keowrath  +   2567d ago
Tekken Online 25th! RESULT!

Only like 2 months later than the rest of the world =/
MaximusPrime  +   2567d ago
it is a rumour alright.

But it has some good line up
Darkiewonder  +   2567d ago
Me Want! :3
sonarus  +   2567d ago
thats definetly fake. it has missing information or is fake all 2getha. no way thats all eu gets pertaining to demos
stuntman_mike  +   2567d ago
im gonna have to bust the bank this christmas lol. seems like sony europe finally getting thier arse into gear at last the european shop has looked like old mother hubbards cupboard latley.
riksweeney  +   2567d ago
Look on the bright side:

At least now we don't have to get our hopes up all week just to find out that we're being served America and Japan's leftovers.

Hey Europe! You get the Ratatouille trailer!

But we've already got it.

Not the 1080p version! Enjoy!
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DJ  +   2567d ago
I still have Crash 3 and all three original Spyro titles.
But Crash Racing would be great to have on my PSP; same with the spyro titles. And what's EyeCreate?
androctonvs  +   2567d ago
No PES demo...
weak, very weak
KOD  +   2567d ago
meh. more people will be happy.

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