What the mystery Playstation Magazine reveal might be

Gamersmint writes: We, at Gamersmint have been doing some digging around and have six games for you, which could be THE game that PSM magazine is teasing.

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user94220772634d ago

Hopefully it's Kojima's new title. We are waiting, good sir.

Blacktric2634d ago

Didn't an English version of OPSM revealed that they'll be previewing Mass Effect 3 for the first time in late April?

malamdra2634d ago

I hope it's Haze 2, I need closure on that story

trancefreak2633d ago

"I hope it's Haze 2, I need closure on that story"


rockleex2633d ago

“return of a famous series"

Depends on what the magazine means by "famous".

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malandra2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

allow me let me put my detective cap and crack this mystery:

-since it's a playstation magazine we can be pretty sure it's an exclusive, if it were a big multiplat series maybe the US PS magazine might get the reveal but not the french

-the games that Sony revealed on the months before E3 last year were no surprises, we all knew LBP2 and KZ3 were coming (E3 is for suprises and megatons), so if they are following the same logic it should be Warhawk 2 or God of War 4

-but I wouldn't call Warhawk either a "series" (only one installment before) or "famous" (in the sense that no non-gamer would recognize it), and God of War 3 is too recent for the fourth to be a "return"

-Metal Gear is way too big to be revealed by a french PS magazine and they would save it for bringing down the house at E3

-Syphon Filter seems more likely but it's also not really "famous", neither are Medievil or Siren, although the magazine might be exagerating with the famous thing

-no other current big PS3 franchise would be right for the info we have

-Zone of the Enders seems like the right size and right amount of time since last game for "famous/return/series&quo t; but it's hard to see ZOE like shape on outline on the image they showed, it seems more like a regular human and ZOE has none that would represent it

-The Getaway 3 checks all the boxes of the info we have, it is realtive famous (big on PS2), it has two previos games so it can be called a series, it would be a return for sure, and the outline of the picture could perfectly apply to it

so my best guest is The Getaway 3, followed by Syphon Filter and on the last place of likeness: ZOE

psb2634d ago

it's going to be a new Kojima title. In all probability, it'll be a info blowout of Mass Effect 3. Bioware's done with DA 2 and now would be a good time to start hyping that up.

a_bro2634d ago

ME3 has already been revealed. cross it out your list.

velocitygamer2633d ago


moparful992633d ago

Based on the blacked out profile pic that was on the cover its someone with hair.. It honestly looks like logan from syphon filter.. It's not hitman cause agen 47 is bald and mass effect has been announced and they wouldn't be hyping it as an unknown game and considering it never whent anywhere it doesnt need to return.. I would love love love for it to be a new metal gear game but I'm not to confident that's what it will be.. My money is on syphon filter...

iamnsuperman2634d ago

out of the list Hitman 5.....but i hope it is the getaway 3

LarVanian2634d ago

Yeah it would blow my mind! We already know that it will have the same music composer as the first which is great because I loved the music in Bully.

No Way2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Has a Bully 2 been 'announced?' Or .. any leaked info?
A Bully 2 sure would be fantastic! I loved the first game.
I just wonder how they would do it, keep the same character?

ksense2634d ago

I am thinking it is max payne 3. rockstar recently tweeted "he's coming" and posted the screenshots from the game.

Raendom2634d ago

This guy is right. It's Max Payne 3, I'm pretty happy I predicted that before the R* tweets ^_^

sdtarm2634d ago

max payne 3 has already been revealed!

plus the new max payne R* has been doing doesnt seem to do any justice to the series... I mean Brazil? FKIN REALLY?

Kleptic2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

yeah it was revealed a while least sort of...

but the only thing anyone cared about was that Remedy was not doing it (as they were working on Alan Wake instead)...and since Remedy was not working on it...nobody cared...

interestingly after we found that out, not a single other thing has been said about it...

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