Hudson Brings Karaoke to Wii Ware

Hudson has quickly jumped aboard the Wii Ware bandwagon with three titles. Following up on Nintendo's press briefing in Japan today, the publisher announced Bomberman, Star Soldier R and Joy Sound Wii for the service.

Bomberman and Star Soldier R appear to be brand new entries in their respective series. While details weren't given out on Bomberman, screenshots of Star Soldier R show a 3D vertical shooter with big explosions and lots of targets. Star Soldier is apparently far along enough that it was shown in playable form at Nintendo's press conference.

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ChickeyCantor3694d ago

im not getting it but it might be something thats going to be a hit.
=) pretty cool, the Wiiware channel is going to have some great software just like livearcade =D

cooke153694d ago

Wii online has just taken off.

KeiZka3694d ago

My days are ruined! Now my girlfriend is going to take over my Wii... Nooooo!