Portal: Eurogamer's 9/10 Review - " Valve's best to date"

That storytelling strength - again, Valve is almost without peer - drives your fascination with the Enrichment Centre - as wonderfully realised a location as anywhere in Half-Life. Its conclusion - boss fight and end sequence - is funny, original and extremely memorable, as you dismantle the game's very personality and achieve a manner of revenge. Gabe Newell was right when he said it was Valve's best to date.

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PS360WII3758d ago

Wow 9/10 that's pretty good. I remember watching the trailer for this awhile back and thinking 'they can't go to far with this idea'

Seems I may be mistaken.

mighty_douche3758d ago

cant wait to get home from work to try this out for myself, if wanted this from day one and now its finally here1!!! WOOHOOO!!!

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