Master Chief Vs. Snake, Arnold and the World: The Ultimate Battle Royale

Master Chief has already tackled some of the galaxy's most dangerous opponents, thanks to large opposition from the Covenant and the Flood in Halo 3. However, he shouldn't be so quick to hang up his helmet. GameDaily decided to pit Master Chief against several people, digital and real, to see how he would fare in each battle scenario. Now, these are hypothetical fights and in no way shape or form actual combat situations that we held over the weekend.

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krackchap4054d ago

they forgot to put jesus into tht list.i bet master thief would win against him too.
nice joke anyways
how this even got approved is beyond me

Real Gambler4054d ago

The idea wasn't too bad. They could have made it shorter and it could have been funnier. But no matter what console you own, I guess Halo is something that we will always hear about. After all, sadly, the advertising budget alone, for this game, is way more than what it has costed to make many games. So sadly, we're not done hearing about this game in all the wrong sections of "NEWS 4 GAMERS"

TheGamer4054d ago

Good for MC that he wasn't pitted against the Mighty Kratos or the super sexy Nariko!!!!!! That would have been brutal.

Nexus5304054d ago

Yea, talk about fanboyism eh? Ofcourse masterchief has to be the greatest........pfft

Twizlex4054d ago

I know, what crap! All any of those guys have to do is get behind Master Chief and melee attack him - one hit kill. You're telling me at least Ryu or Snake couldn't get behind him? Or Sonic? C'mon...

BIGWILLDX4054d ago

the reason why they didnt put master cheif up against kratos is because they know kratos would murder him in a second

TheGamer4054d ago

not just murder him but hack and slash his body, cut his limbs, throw his torso out and play football with his head. thats Kratos for you!!!

jessupj4054d ago

Snake would just stare at master chief and he would fall to the ground dead

FirstknighT4054d ago

Well Halo definitely takes the cake for the most hype and excitement. When MGS comes out, it doesn't hit the mainstream. MGS is just another game that excites some gamers while HALO shakes the whole world.

I know VGChartz is not the most accurate but it's as close as you can get and here are the sales for worldwide...

MGS 1: 5.59m
MGS 2: Sons of Liberty : 5.56m
MGS 3: Snake Eater: 3.96m

Halo 1: 6.43m
Halo 2: 8.26m
Halo 3: currently 5.2m

From a sales standpoint...Halo kills the MGS series.

How about overall ratings...

MGS 1: 93%
MGS 2: 95%
MGS 3: 92%

Halo 1: 96%
Halo 2: 95%
Halo 3: 94%

2 very impressive highly rated franchises but the Halo Trilogy just sneaks in a close win.

So Master Chief vs. Snake.....Who wins??? Well numbers don't lie....Master Chief is the winner!

FirstknighT4054d ago

...and nobody has the balls to reply. I guess nobody can prove me wrong. Yeah it's easy just hitting that lil disagree button. P*ssies!

jessupj4054d ago

lol, i didn't hit the disagree button. Even though I think MGS is a better bunch of games, i can't disagree with you rawr sales figures. You do have a very valid point and at the end of the day it's the sales figures that are the most important.

I also have an opinion though.

All i can say is.... can 5-8 mil people be wrong? In this case i think they are. Halo has always been hyped up to all hell and it takes a certain mind to really appriciate and enjoy a game like MGS. Unfortunately, most of the worlds population doesn't have this type of 'mind'. Either way, both great games I'd thoroughly enjoy.

TalyngarTheBlack4054d ago

But I would offer that without the hype that surrounded the releases of H2 and H3 neither would've surpassed their MGS counterparts. Also add in that Halo was really the only viable game on the original xbox for 2 years and you've got yourself some sales.

Now if we're going to talk about this honestly, who would win in a fight? I would have to take Snake. Snake's just too damn good. I mean look at the bosses that he's defeated (pun completely intended). Do I think Master Chief could defeat Psycho Mantis, Vulcan Raven, Liquid, or the End. I highly doubt it. But that's my opinion, and to that end I disagree with you.

SnakeCL4054d ago

Aaaaand according to wikipedia...

MGS1: 6.6 Million
MGS2: 7 million
MGS3: 3.7 million

Of course, that's not counting MGS1 Integral, MGS: VR Missions, MGS: The Twin Snakes, MGS2: Substance, MGS3 Subsistence, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, Metal Gear AC!D, Metal Gear AC!D 2, and Metal Gear Collection.

Kleptic4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

absolutely agree w/ 4.3...

there is no way MC would have been clever enough to put his controller in port #2 to defeat Psycho way...he would just keep going after him trying to Melee him over and over...wouldn't work...

and MC doesn't have the smooth inuendo skills like he would always fail with female companionship...except I guess for the extremely wierd cortanna business...

this is like a comparison between...Robert De Niro, a tried and true actor...who is pretty much still untouchable...and...Danial Radcliffe, a kid who showed up in a "popular" franchise...and made a lot of money...yet intelligent people sit back and simply say "wtf is this such a big deal"...

FirstknighT4053d ago you say who would win in a fight??? Snake fights humans soldiers and saves the country. MC fights unknown aliens and saves the galaxy.

Snake would probably just get swallowed up by the Flood.

mirroredderorrim4053d ago

I disagree and my balls are quite sturdy.

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OsolidOsnakeO4054d ago

Who is master chief????????????!!!!!

achira4054d ago

the xbot's god. he is part of the most overhyped game in the gaming history. and xbots get an orgasm when they hear the world halo. this is called brainwashed.

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