Call Of Duty 4 PC Requirements

Shacknews has recently given an insight into the new playable demo that should be hitting the Internet this week; along with this is a small glimmer of the PC Requirements for Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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Mr Marbles4086d ago

that is insane, and one more thing, why worry about if your PC can run a game or not, why not just get one of the consoles, they will run the game at max settings for sure, no need to worry.

Liquid Ocelot4086d ago

i know my computer won't be able to run the game so I'll just go and get the PS3 version when it's out.

Microsoft Knight4086d ago

Wraithlord just get a 360 and play this game we all know the pos3 version will be inferior to the 360 version and will all ways be that way.