Guitar Hero III: Guitar Faceplates Finally Surface

It seems like everyone has heard about the faceplates for Guitar Hero III, but we've yet to see them. XboxFamily has gotten hold of some images showing the first six faceplates that will be released for the PS3, Wii, and Xbox360.

Still no word on exclusive faceplates and whether all 6 will be available for all 3 next-gen systems. While the PS2 will have the game, it will not have the interchangeable faceplates.

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americanGTA3758d ago

those actually look really cool! i like the chrome one, and the US flag one the best. what would be the pricing on these? like $5 each? hope so

Que8133758d ago

if it was a skin, i bet itd still be 10. its an actual snap-on faceplate. my guess is $20-25

JustInTlME3758d ago

cant wait, totally will be worth it! although i love the BLACK LOOK!

Shankle3758d ago

Aaaand they still look ugly!! rock band for me....

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