10 Reasons The Next Xbox Will Launch In 2009

"The hypothesis of this gameplayer article is simple: that the Xbox 360 will have a four-year lifespan just like its predecessor, and that its successor will be rushed to market. That the next Xbox, whatever it is called, will go on sale in the US, Europe, and Japan in time for Christmas 2009, and will arrive in Australia and New Zealand in March 2010.

Why would Microsoft do that? Why would the mighty 360 be abandoned? It has a substantial install base, a healthy attach rate, and an online service second to none. Yet there are flaws so glaring that the engineers and marketers responsible could be forgiven for wanting to sweep it under the rug, and just pretend it never happened.

What reasons could Microsoft possibly have? We're glad you asked. Without further ado, we present…"

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Chris_GTR14088d ago

thatll be soo cool if it does.

Twizlex4087d ago

because it won't be released in 2009. I don't think Microsoft is going to set aside a BILLION dollars for the 360 and then just stop supporting it. And none of the reasons in the article are reasons to just abandon the 360 and release a new one. Almost everything that's "wrong" with the 360 could be "fixed" with redesigns and modifications. It's noisy? That's a good enough reason to stop making it completely? The 360 is too big, but the PS3 isn't? What kind of idiot believes any of this? The person that wrote this article is just some jerk-off that doesn't even get half his facts straight. I mean, Japan is the largest gaming market? Uh, not in the last 10 years it hasn't been! It might SEEM like it is just because videogames are more mainstream over there, but the U.S. is the largest producer AND consumer of videogames in the world. This article was the purest form of flamebait and nonsense I've ever read.

marinelife94087d ago

I would like the reliability and wifi. Please and thank you.

DeadlyFire4087d ago

Honestly I believe Microsoft and its fans are getting ahead of themselves. 2009 will be 1-2 years from the other consoles launch and could leave for a wider gap. I know it may seem like a smart idea, but I highly doubt Microsoft would just slap together a console like that. Remember what happened to the Dreamcast? I doubt they will make the console set for 2009. I believe they will set it for 2010 at the earliest. Sony as always will follow its same 5 year new console plan and 10 year death of cycle. So expect PS4 in 2011 probally will be lacking a GPU. Since last time Cell was wanted to do all the work of GPU as well, but it couldn't do it all for the PS3. Hopefully with a full launch instead of the staggered launch of the PS3. PS3 has the right power, but its online service isn't even done yet and many games missed the launch. Its all getting better though with some big names starting to come out with a lot of others coming next year as well. Nintendo if they finially stick to a design like whats with the Wii and work on adding in some power then the next console for them could do much better than the Wii.

DG4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

My prediction is the "nextbox" (oohhh Im copyrighting that) will come out 2011. As for most of those issues in the article will be addressed by christmas 2009 ie the Jasper SKU. Yes Ill admit the MS console is not the greatest with all its flaws but it is if you want to play good games now. I just hope MS doesent take the niche market strategy and just be satisfied with 15-30 million consoles sold and only focus on early adopters.

lawman11084087d ago

Dang, I just knocked my 100 plus 360 games into my ps3 games good thing there are ONLY 3 good PS3 games so they will be easy to find. Last time I checked all the new 360's have HDMI now (of course mine does not) I sewar the next systems that come out I am waiting at least a year to buy......not that that helped the P$3 any.

SlappyMcTaint4087d ago

That's what everybody thought the Falcon 'boxes would do: fix the RROD. It didn't.

Now you think that the Jizzper version will fix those "issues"? Uhh, even M$ doesn't know what it is that's RROD'ing their little 'Box. Neither do you.

a NextBox™ in 09 could crush Sony. The xbot lemmings would be pissed for all of a day or two about M$ ditching the 360 so quickly, but M$ knows it's followers are slaves to trends so they'll pony up and buy it anyway.

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ATLRoAcH4088d ago

Not going say what it says but yall can read.Figure it out your selfs.

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