Nintendo Reveals Several New Wii/DS Titles

Today during a retail conference in Japan, Nintendo revealed several new Wii titles. During the conference Nintendo revealed Mario Baseball Wii and Wii Music. Although Wii Music was revealed during E3 2006, the title has been missing since its initial showing. Mario Baseball was a hit on the GameCube and it looks to make the Wii its new home with the same great gameplay but with the addition of Wii-motion controls.

Nintendo also revealed Fire Emblem for the DS. The series made its debut in the US on the GBA and it will once again hit the handheld scene.

Currently, not many details are known but we'll keep you updated as the show continues in Japan.

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PikkonX4086d ago

They need to be revealing Golden Sun 3.

ItsDubC4085d ago

I'll be buying Fire Emblem DS for sure.