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Industry analysts divided on PS3's chances of trumping Xbox 360

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter reckons the only way Sony will gain the upper hand on Microsoft in the on-going hardware race is to make significant cuts to the price of PlayStation 3 – something that he doesn’t see happening anytime soon. (Michael Pachter, Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

cakeisalie  +   1653d ago
Lol does it really matter which console trumps which console both already have a good base and will be supported.
news4geeks  +   1653d ago
it doesn't matter now but it's fun to speculate... unless the speculation doesn't favour ones prefered console...

I reckon ps3 will overtake 360 numbers early 2012 even without a price drop.
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malamdra  +   1653d ago
the PS3 will still be selling long after the 360 is replaced and taken out of the market, just like it happens now with the PS2 and the first Xbox, price cut or not, next year or not, it will happen

Kinect didn't stop the PS3 from outselling the 360 during 2010 holiday season

Ps3 has always outsold the 360 and that's not going not change because of Kinect or US only sales numbers
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1653d ago
They're pretty much tied right now.
Despite 360's 8 mil head start.
guigsy  +   1653d ago
It's pretty irrelevant at this point. Although the PS3 is technically in third place, it has still been massively successful for Sony and the third parties. It's not like last generation when the PS2 was a runaway success and the Xbox and Gamecube were resounding failures, all three consoles have enjoyed success this time round.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1653d ago
Not gonna lie but a 33% failure rate isn't a success. MS had to spend more on the repairs then they did developing the 360. That is a failure.
airhorn95  +   1653d ago
Normally game system manufactures lose money on the console. For instance the Play Station was selling at a substantial loss (I believe it costed them 850 to manufacture and they were selling them for 599) this would mean that Sony was actually losing more money then it costed Microsoft to fix 33% of its units. However, Microsoft also sold at a loss intentionally to undercut and steal some of Sony's market share. I believe Micrsoft's loss was roughly 100 dollars per unit. And by the time PS3 was released Xbox components were so cheap that they were actually making roughly 75 bucks. Sorry if the numbers aren't perfect I learned this in my business class. So I'm going to have to disagree with you NotSoSilentBob on the 360 being a failure especially bc of how much money MS brought and continues to bring in just by Xbox Live alone.

Whether you love or hate or hate to love Microsoft you have to give them credit on how they ran their business model for the 360.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1653d ago
3rd place?
What, do you also think that the first car out in Rally is always the winner?

PS3 may have released last, but it's quickly cutting 360's numbers by selling faster.
fatalred alarm  +   1653d ago
It probably will take it over sometime soon, but i guess microsoft already did a good job at taking a big piece of the console market this generation.

But please, give us better hardware next time...
LoveNintendoWii  +   1653d ago
And WHERE is the Wii in this! Wii all know that the Wii has a fighting chance against those so called superior consoles!

If we all join forces, we can VANQUISH the influence! WII UNITE!!!!!

chidori666  +   1653d ago
If you are dumb enough to blindly believe what Pachter said you deserve to have that guy take a dump in your head.
kikizoo  +   1653d ago
You are right, but before even when he was wrong, it was difficult to see the bias, since more than 1 year, he's clearly working for his country industry...and ms.
MEGANE  +   1653d ago
This site should be rename....S4G... sales for gamers!
Anon1974  +   1653d ago
Why do they never specify which region they're discussing in the title? It's no secret that the PS3 has long been ahead of the 360's worldwide and now they can boast more active units worldwide then their competitor - and even in overall sales the PS3 looks to make up the last couple of million that separate the consoles this year. Yet look at the top news. "5 reasons the PS3 won't overtake the 360 in 2011" "Is there any chance of the PS3 overtaking the 360 in the US" and now this.

At least according to this article there's some analysts out there that are still stuck in 2007.
MostJadedGamer  +   1653d ago
The PS3 does NOT need to be priced lower then the 360, but what it does need is to be $199 this year.

Once the PS3 hits $199 it will have a massive, long, and substained sales increase, and will eventually pass the 360, but the PS3 really needs to drop to $199 this year.

It has almost always been the case that consoles have their highest sales at the $199 price point. $199 is the real magic number.
Hands Up For Games  +   1653d ago
Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!! ;)
Darth Stewie  +   1653d ago
Don't worry Pachter is just April Fooling everybody. No wait he is just speaking a load of BS as usual.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1653d ago
When isn't he spewing crap?
Counter Strike  +   1653d ago
360 sold to date >52M
Thats pretty damn good and the SW sales of 360 are amazing.

Ps3 has amazing SW sales aswell and its doing great people just think its doing bad because Ps2 was a major beast but people need to think that market is more competitive this days.

Overall : Ps360 are kicking asses.
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offdawall  +   1653d ago
patcher is a moron ... sony isnt worrying about MS . we all no whats gonna happen when ps3 gets another price cut ... GAME OVER for this dumb console war
Blaze929  +   1653d ago
When the ps3 gets another price cut, so will the 360....then what? We all know Microsoft is playing games with the 360 pricing.
SoapShoes  +   1653d ago
The only way Microsoft can compete is keeping its price low, we all know they would be well surpassed if price were always the same.

As for a lower priced 360... It's already low, it's at that sweet spot. PS3 is still at launch PS2 price and not at $199 which is where the PS2 really took off.
Oner  +   1653d ago
Blaze929 said "When the ps3 gets another price cut, so will the 360....then what?"

You really have a selective memory don't you? Whenever the PS3 gets a price cut vs the 360 getting a price cut, the overall sales volume is always HIGHER than the 360 each and every time. Thus proving there is more demand for it and it reflects in the higher comparative sales.

It is a given that MS will price cut when Sony does because they are FOLLOWERS not LEADERS. Microsoft HAS to react to what Sony does, not the other way around. How do you explain that the PS3 has come from an almost 10 Million deficit and a 1-1.5 year later release date?

Exactly as I explained. There is more demand for the PS3 and when it gets a price cut it sells better.
Clarence  +   1653d ago
The PS3 is already outselling the 360 at its current price. A PS3 price cut will have more of effect than a 360 price cut. Anytime Sony has drop the price on the PS3, M$ dropped the price on the 360. Yet the the PS3 still outsells it. The fact is that the 360 is doing horrible in Japan and the PS3 is selling better in Europe. 360 has NA and thats it. The PS3 is doing better in all three areas. Which is why it will take the lead from the 360. Patcher talks a load BS. KInect was not enough to push the 360 pass the PS3 in 2010. The Kinect effect is wearing off. The next big game to push sales for the 360 is Gears 3. Which doesn't come out till November.
Neko_Mega  +   1653d ago
I can see PS3 passing the 360, I mean its 3mill gap and reports say even with that Sony has made $50mill dollars more than 360 (Maybe $299.99 is better than $199.99).

And with Microsoft looking to become the next Wii, if that happens alot of their hardcore gamers are going to go get PS3's.
Neko_Mega  +   1653d ago
So no one things 360 is going the same way of the Wii? What games outside of Gears 3 and Forza 4?
vishant101  +   1653d ago
difference between xbox and wii is 360 is still an hd console and it still has the largest libary of this generation
Neko_Mega  +   1653d ago
HD means nothing and large libary means nothing to. It doesn't have the largest of this Gen if you count the Wii being able to play NES to GameCube games or PS3 playing PSone games and some PS2 games (On BC models).
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shotgun_ps3  +   1653d ago
Yeah I can't see PS3 beating 360 worldwide in terms of sales due to the 360's considerable lead in the USA but in Europe, the PS3 might have a chance of overtaking the Wii because of 3DS taking focus away from it. But at the end of the day who gives a crap just play games and enjoy it.
play17boy  +   1653d ago
Ummm..... the PS3 isn't very far behind in Europe some reports even have them as beating them in sales there and 360 has a very small user base in japan. The only place PS3 is really getting dominating is the US, so as far as worldwide performance is concerned I would consider that losing.
shotgun_ps3  +   1653d ago
The PS3 is around 10 million behind the Wii, as long as Sony can keep there momentum going and Wii sales continue to diminish it could beat it in the next 2 maybe 3 years but who knows.

This generation is weird because you need to talk about worldwide sales then region specific sales then market share and so on. It was so easy last generation since the PS2 had about 80% of the market everywhere and kept hold of it for a good few years. Makes me wish the same thing world happen this generation (with ANY of the 3).
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earbus  +   1653d ago
But how many were ylod 2nd console or slim rebuy?
lodossrage  +   1653d ago
nowhere close
to how many were 3rd and fourth buys thanks to rrod and e74
Loner  +   1653d ago
3 year warranty.Who would rebuy something when you can get it replaced for free.
lodossrage  +   1653d ago
You'd be suprised
how many people did that

You have to understand, the 3 year warranty didn't just show up immediately. Microsoft only implemented that because they couldn't deny they had a hardware issue anymore and the FTC was about to have an investigation of them. So yeah, people DID repurchase the system during that time.

And even now, you have people that repurchase the system either because they're unaware of the warranty or the system that is sent to them in replacement breaks down as well
earbus  +   1653d ago
Argument seems to work for you guys worth a try.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1653d ago
Loner don't forget the 3 year warranty was only for the launch models. When the savior Falcon started to show the same thing MS only extended it after about 4 months of people getting lawyers.
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lee_ten  +   1653d ago
are you trying to compare the ps3 with the360? REALLY?
rjgbyrne  +   1653d ago
Sony should be just careful as they need to make back a lot from PS3 but they will do it soon. MS like Apple of late are laughing all the way to the bank regardless... I hope both Sony and MS start to crack down on the DLC and Online pass crap... its insulting regardless of who is selling what.
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lodossrage  +   1653d ago
I hope you guys know
that this article is talking about the U.S. Not the rest of the world or Sony's global lead.
SixShotCop  +   1653d ago
Please explain to me how Sony are leading globally?
Projekt7tuning  +   1653d ago
Its going to be easy for people to make up numbers and spin whatever they want now that NPD stopped releasing NA hardware numbers.
edhe  +   1653d ago
Because he says so, obviously. I can't wait to see his reason for magnetism.
lodossrage  +   1653d ago
i didn't "make up" anything

I just read

I don't need to "spin" or do whatever else.

And for the record, 50 million sold is what microsoft says. Not a neutral analyst.
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SixShotCop  +   1653d ago
@ lodossrage

I got a question. What do you think of Patcher's predictions and suggestions?
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lodossrage  +   1653d ago
Since you're a bit too lazy to click on the actual article that goes with it:

From the article:

"A new report from analyst firm Strategic Analytics show that while the Xbox 360 still has the lead in America, Microsoft's console has lost ground on a global scale to Sony's PS3 since the end of 2010.

According to the firm's data, the PS3 hit an install base of 43.4 million, just slightly over that of the Xbox 360's 42.9 million units. Undoubtedly, the Wii still retains quite the lead on either competitors with the world's largest user base of 75.5 million units worldwide.

"Global demand for Sony’s PS3 has exceeded that of the Xbox 360 in each of the past two years, and we expect that to continue over the coming years," said analyst Jia Wu. Analysts also suggest that the 360's weak impact in both Europe and Asia "acts as a drag on its global performance," even when Microsoft's new Kinect peripheral is considered.

"While the Kinect peripheral has given a boost to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 strategy, the console’s performance outside of the U.S. continues to disappoint." However, Wu added that Microsoft should "continue to innovate around its motion sensor technology, which will become increasingly relevant in the smart home era."

The report also believes that the Xbox 360 will continue to expand by 13.7 million sales globally this year, while the PS3 will grow even more with 15.7 million global sales. The Wii, on the other hand, is expected to decline in sales by at least 10 million, potentially leaving it in third place on hardware charts. The report also suggests that Nintendo will take the opportunity to "launch a Wii successor within the next 12 months."

See, unlike you, I know how to read the article itself. Not just whatever gibberish the so-called contributor likes to throw out there

*Edit*- since you're keen on editing JerryKurl, I'll do the same here.

Now as for your Patcher Question, He's free to say and do whatever he wants. But last I remember, he comments on the U.S. Not the globe as a whole
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Projekt7tuning  +   1653d ago
So why weren't the 7.1+ million other units Microsoft sold counted again? That was from Jan. So both systems have sold more than even these numbers.

"As of January 2011, there are over 50 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide."

or http://www.gamespot.com/new...
ManiacMansion  +   1653d ago
DOnt care what the Industry and economics say.. The REAL speculators are N4G Ps3 Fanboys and they know that the PS3 is the most powerful hardware avaialable on earth!
LJ437  +   1653d ago
I don't see the PS3 beating the 360 just yet. Even with the PS3's launch lineup (R.I.P The Agency) it's not like it was back in the PS2 days with MS and Nintendo were Sony was golith and MS and Nintendo were david. MS did the whole Wii approach there grabbing quickly cash while Sony is trying to get the ignored MS hardcores to come to there console. I think that we won't see PS3 best microsoft until 2013 that's if we life that long 2012.
digger18  +   1653d ago
SpinalRemains138  +   1653d ago
Look, it already has.

360 has been around a year longer and managed to sell a million less.
edhe  +   1653d ago
If anyone things that the ps3 finally achieving the same sales as the 360 is some kind of victory they really need to go back and look at the lead that sony had coming *into* this generation.
Projekt7tuning  +   1653d ago
So why weren't the 7.1+ million other units Microsoft sold counted again? That was from Jan. So both systems have sold more than even these numbers.

"As of January 2011, there are over 50 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide."

or http://www.gamespot.com/new...
Inzo  +   1653d ago
The Heading is misleading it should read "Industry analysts divided on PS3's chances of trumping Xbox 360 in the US" but once again the americans think US = the World.
earbus  +   1653d ago
Seems like one audience allways needs to be reasured of their purchase every five minutes.
dorron  +   1653d ago
Does it matter to have 4 million consoles advantage when it is 5 millions to 1 million? Yes.

Does it matter to have 4 million consoles advantage when it is 50 million to 46 million? NO!

Who cares for numbers anymore?
zero_cool  +   1653d ago
Michael patcher is a fool even if it isn't april fools day!
Corrwin  +   1653d ago
PS3 has already sold more than the 360.

What is the point of asking an analyst's opinion on what they think could happen?

Now let's all just get on with our lives and enjoy the consoles we bought.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1653d ago
I hope the ps3 never trumps the 360. Because if it does I suddenly will not be able to play my games or use Xbox live. My system will shut down and my house will explode. The very fabric of reality will come crashing down around my Xbox.

In other words who gives a damn. I still will pop in halo an have a fun time. I still will watch my Netflix movies and go on a t-bag raid on retards that run into my bullets. Life will go on, we are going to survive... Today we celebrate our independence day. Yes, I just watched independence day again.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1653d ago
Sony has already won to what matters to them and gamers that want quality.

They won:

System reliability
With bluray
free online
higher quality graphics
more accurate motion
more excellent 1st and 2nd parties
better discounts through ps+
3d community
3d for gaming and movies

If you are a gamer,would you rather have quality?or get ripped by a company that does not care about the industry or gamers?just their bottom line.

If being third makes for better gaming,i'd rather sony be last and take advantage of it as a gamer.analysts like pachter just seem like they were placed in the market for microsoft's benefit.
edhe  +   1653d ago
They Lost:

Expensive system discouraging sales
Packed-in slow bluray causing bad pr with their load screens.
Free online which feels disconnected without parties, ubiquitous headsets and with a second-life clone being a cashgrab.
Lower quality Graphics on most games [multiplats]
Last gen motion device.
Niche first party titles.
Discount program through paying more. (?)
3d like it's competitor.
3d movies. possibly a percent of a percent care about that.

If your'e a gamer would you rather have lots of great titles? A solid online system that lets you connect to your friends 24/7? Or would you rather buy into a lonely experience on a higher pricepoint where you're forced to wait on things more than the other platform.

Stop sitting here spouting an opinion which is extraordinarily easy to devalue and go play games instead of being so defensive.

ps3 = great, 360 = great. Wii = doorstop.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   1653d ago
You made yourself look sad there boy.its gamers like yourself that has allowed companies like microsoft to rip gamers off.

People like you edhe,made dlc rip offs possible.people like you allowed companies like capcom and activision to rip off gamers.people like you allowed companies like microsoft to monopolize hdds,wifi adapters,etc.people like you allowed companies like ea to make the same shovelware each year.

Sure you have a choice on where to spend your money,but be smart about it.because people like you allowed microsoft to get away with rrod and jacking online gaming to $60.

Its my opinion.but you dont seem like a smart consumer.what you do today,effects all gamers tomorrow.
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mcstorm  +   1653d ago
What every one seems to be forgetting is that MS have Kinect now and people keep saying a 360 with kinect at £250 is too much so if MS drop the 4gb 360 to £89 and drop kinect to £100 then £189 for them both will start to shift alot more 360s with Kinect.

Sony need to Drop the price of the PS3 and include Move too and the sales will start to pickup as well but this race for 2nd is not over by along way it can still go anyway for MS and Sony.
Dlacy13g  +   1653d ago
This has been a very eye opening console generation. Nintendo proved that gameplay / perception of fun has more weight with the consumer than raw power. MS proved there really was room for a 3rd console maker, and Sony has shown that with resiliancy and staying the course you can overcome early set backs.

Now as to this article... look the fact that MS even has analysts talking about them loosing 2nd place this late in the consoles life is a big win for them considering where they came from with the original Xbox. Even if they wind up in 3rd place I think you have to agree MS really did win in this console generation all things considered. Sony, has to be looking at this a bit bitter sweet. Sure they may catch MS...but overall their performance has been far below what they had to have been expecting when they first were launching. For them to be struggling to get past MS for 2nd this late in the cycle has to be a bit frustraiting.
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bwazy  +   1653d ago
They actually hire and pay analysis's to figure out this shit? WHAT THE FUCK SOCIETY!
Krakn3Dfx  +   1653d ago
Michael Pachter has become the gaming industry's media whore, even though 90% of us could care less or believe anything that comes out of his mouth, his 10% base keeps him going strong.

It's pretty weird.
Krakn3Dfx  +   1653d ago
Competition is good. + or - a few million units sold isn't going to run either of these companies out of town.

Butthurt fanboys who enjoy speculating and spinning numbers to meet their own needs hate to hear that their imaginary arch rival in the console business isn't going to implode based on monthly NPD numbers though.
artsaber  +   1653d ago
There is nothing to be divided about
It is pretty much a calculable statistical fact. It will happen given the trend.
Damiann  +   1652d ago
The PS3 surpassed the 360 in Europe:)

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