Industry analysts divided on PS3's chances of trumping Xbox 360

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter reckons the only way Sony will gain the upper hand on Microsoft in the on-going hardware race is to make significant cuts to the price of PlayStation 3 – something that he doesn’t see happening anytime soon.

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cakeisalie2608d ago

Lol does it really matter which console trumps which console both already have a good base and will be supported.

news4geeks2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

it doesn't matter now but it's fun to speculate... unless the speculation doesn't favour ones prefered console...

I reckon ps3 will overtake 360 numbers early 2012 even without a price drop.

malamdra2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

the PS3 will still be selling long after the 360 is replaced and taken out of the market, just like it happens now with the PS2 and the first Xbox, price cut or not, next year or not, it will happen

Kinect didn't stop the PS3 from outselling the 360 during 2010 holiday season

Ps3 has always outsold the 360 and that's not going not change because of Kinect or US only sales numbers

MaxXAttaxX2607d ago

Despite 360's 8 mil head start.

guigsy2608d ago

It's pretty irrelevant at this point. Although the PS3 is technically in third place, it has still been massively successful for Sony and the third parties. It's not like last generation when the PS2 was a runaway success and the Xbox and Gamecube were resounding failures, all three consoles have enjoyed success this time round.

NotSoSilentBob2607d ago

Not gonna lie but a 33% failure rate isn't a success. MS had to spend more on the repairs then they did developing the 360. That is a failure.

airhorn952607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Normally game system manufactures lose money on the console. For instance the Play Station was selling at a substantial loss (I believe it costed them 850 to manufacture and they were selling them for 599) this would mean that Sony was actually losing more money then it costed Microsoft to fix 33% of its units. However, Microsoft also sold at a loss intentionally to undercut and steal some of Sony's market share. I believe Micrsoft's loss was roughly 100 dollars per unit. And by the time PS3 was released Xbox components were so cheap that they were actually making roughly 75 bucks. Sorry if the numbers aren't perfect I learned this in my business class. So I'm going to have to disagree with you NotSoSilentBob on the 360 being a failure especially bc of how much money MS brought and continues to bring in just by Xbox Live alone.

Whether you love or hate or hate to love Microsoft you have to give them credit on how they ran their business model for the 360.

MaxXAttaxX2607d ago

What, do you also think that the first car out in Rally is always the winner?

PS3 may have released last, but it's quickly cutting 360's numbers by selling faster.

fatalred alarm2608d ago

It probably will take it over sometime soon, but i guess microsoft already did a good job at taking a big piece of the console market this generation.

But please, give us better hardware next time...

LoveNintendoWii2608d ago

And WHERE is the Wii in this! Wii all know that the Wii has a fighting chance against those so called superior consoles!

If we all join forces, we can VANQUISH the influence! WII UNITE!!!!!


chidori6662607d ago

If you are dumb enough to blindly believe what Pachter said you deserve to have that guy take a dump in your head.

kikizoo2607d ago

You are right, but before even when he was wrong, it was difficult to see the bias, since more than 1 year, he's clearly working for his country industry...and ms.

MEGANE2607d ago

This site should be rename....S4G... sales for gamers!

Anon19742607d ago

Why do they never specify which region they're discussing in the title? It's no secret that the PS3 has long been ahead of the 360's worldwide and now they can boast more active units worldwide then their competitor - and even in overall sales the PS3 looks to make up the last couple of million that separate the consoles this year. Yet look at the top news. "5 reasons the PS3 won't overtake the 360 in 2011" "Is there any chance of the PS3 overtaking the 360 in the US" and now this.

At least according to this article there's some analysts out there that are still stuck in 2007.

MostJadedGamer2607d ago

The PS3 does NOT need to be priced lower then the 360, but what it does need is to be $199 this year.

Once the PS3 hits $199 it will have a massive, long, and substained sales increase, and will eventually pass the 360, but the PS3 really needs to drop to $199 this year.

It has almost always been the case that consoles have their highest sales at the $199 price point. $199 is the real magic number.

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Hands Up For Games2608d ago

Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!! ;)

Darth Stewie2608d ago

Don't worry Pachter is just April Fooling everybody. No wait he is just speaking a load of BS as usual.

NotSoSilentBob2607d ago

When isn't he spewing crap?

Counter Strike2608d ago

Thats pretty damn good and the SW sales of 360 are amazing.

Ps3 has amazing SW sales aswell and its doing great people just think its doing bad because Ps2 was a major beast but people need to think that market is more competitive this days.

Overall : Ps360 are kicking asses.

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