IGN US Reviews SEGA Rally Revo

SEGA Rally Revo is a return to SEGA's arcade roots at just the right time. This is the same roots that made the company such a success as a hardware manufacturer and software producer in the 1990s. The classic arcade game design in SEGA Rally Revo also comes with a few elements that are questionable, but one thing is for sure, the heart of Rally Revo is good old fashioned fun.

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MK_Red4086d ago

I was expecting a bit higher score, specially from IGN but hey, with DiRT, MotorStorm and other muddy games, it's a difficult battle.

vaan4086d ago

Wow, times have certainly changed. I remember when SEGA ruled supreme on the Rally game front. Different ball game now.

sjappie4085d ago

can get virtually the same score as an awesome game like PGR4, is beyond me. Come on IGN, this is BS.

No offense Louie.