Did you know Nicolas Cage did Japanese arcade commercials?

Nicolas Cage is another big Hollywood star who did Japanese TV commercials in the past. Cage was hired to promote pachinko/arcade machines for Japanese company, Sankyo. The results were...bizarre.

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sinncross2579d ago

Yeah I did know :)

here are some more:

arnold schwarzenegger's are so random.

captain-obvious2578d ago

and they say sony make strange ads

SilverSlug2578d ago

Old... this is the type of stuff N4G is into?

Pozzle2578d ago

It's better than the countless April Fools articles, tbh.

Tuxedo_Mask2578d ago

This makes me want to play pachinko, and if I ever meet Nicholas Cage the first thing I'll say to him will be, "I love Pachinko!"

beastgamer2578d ago

Did you know that most gamers don't give a fuck?

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