'Back To The Future' Episode 3 Brings In Surprise Voice Actress

The latest trailer for the game reveals that Claudia Wells will be reprising her role as Marty McFly's girlfriend Jennifer Parker. Wells was replaced by Elizabeth Shue in the second and third movies, but she was and is the original Jennifer. The new trailer, which you can check out on Telltale's website, takes a look at how Wells came to be involved. There isn't much gameplay, but there's an amusing story involving Marty McFly voice actor A.J. LoCascio's chance encounter with her.

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sdtarm2608d ago

This is great! TTG is doing a great job with this game IMO

Spydiggity2608d ago

Elisabeth Shue is much hotter

jony_dols2608d ago


Claudia Wells was way hotter!

Bathyj2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Not just hotter, but better too.

Elisabeth Shue played the role way to goofy. It always sh*tted me they dropped the first chick.

I have nothing against ES. Shes a good actress and a babe. Totally hot in Hollowman. But what difference does it make looking side be side today, its 1985 when the issue was.

Anyway, didnt know her family was sick, I suppose that thats the only reason that makes sense.

Spydiggity2608d ago

they didn't drop her. she couldn't do the role because of an illness in her family. and i don't disagree that she did a better job as jennifer. but if you look at them side by side today, shue is just much more attractive. remember her on season 7 of curb your enthusiasm? too fine!

tails132608d ago

They didn't drop her. Claudia Wells' mum was diagnosed with cancer during filming of the first film. She chose not to reprise her roll in the sequels.

I think Elizabeth Shue's Jennifer suited Marty's persona a lot better.

Orionsangel2608d ago

Really something always bothered me about Shue in the BTTF movies. The fact that it looks like she's wearing a WIG!

CobraKai2608d ago

I'm with Wells. I always liked her more than Shue. I often wondered how Wells woulda handled Part II

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Orionsangel2608d ago

Jennifer Parker is still cute. I love her!

2608d ago