Japanese Lair Commercial as the Dragon rule the skies of Tokyo

Famitsu, one of the most reputable gaming mags in Japan gave lair 34/40. Here is a look at what they are doing to rev up the hype overseas.

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Young Capwn4086d ago

i think they are gonna love it over seas, they love complicated games.

I loved Lair.

DrWan4086d ago

one of the reason i like famitsu is that they have 4 ppl grading one game. So that way you are not just looking at one dochebag fanboy's review or anti-fanboy. It's a natural check and balance system. I like that.

greed4086d ago

did this game come out latter in japan or something

Keowrath4085d ago

Yeah, like the UK. It's not been released here yet either.

I haven't commented on any of the previous Lair topics because I haven't been able to play it yet.

eyeballpauluk4085d ago

even with all the very mixed reviews the game is getting, im still going to get it i think...jsut when ive the money! theres too many games that are vying for my money in the run up to xmas!

m91058264085d ago

Lair was pretty awesome if you can forgive a couple of framerate hitches. That was the only noticable problem I saw with it. The motion feels great (to me anyway), and everyone who has played my cop has loved it and wants to play it over and over again. One friend even just went and bought a PS3 to but it. It really is a well-made game, it's just got a bad bandwagon effect going for it.