Crytek Not Recommending Vista for Crysis

In Gameplayer's news article on the Crysis spec announcement they pick up on something interesting. The recommended specs do not point to Vista or Directx 10. They go on to analyze what this might mean for Microsoft's struggling OS.

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Bonsai12144081d ago

well, when the operating system occupies 1 gb of ram, and the recommended amount of ram is 2gb, most computers bought today only have 1gb of ram anyways, so the OS will be eating at the available resources of the game. makes sense

ReBurn4081d ago

I don't recommend Vista for anything. That's a dog of an OS.

ShiftyLookingCow4081d ago

this is total BS, every interview I have seen, for highest quality you need Vista and DX10. And in recent gamespot interview Yerli said DX10 on Vista will perform better than DX9(on the same settings, eg high)

SlappingOysters4081d ago

Yeah I thought the same thing. So why not recommend Vista and Directx 10. Isn't the idea of recommended specs to suggest the rig you should play the game on. They made a point of pointing out Directx 9 in min... weird. Perhaps just an oversight?

Odion4081d ago


people look to deeply in this, try to use some logic, the game is played on two levels. 1. is the DX9 level, so they would still recommend XP for DX9 users, and for DX10 users vista

MK_Red4081d ago

Why would they do this? The only way to truely enjoy Crysis graphics is by DX10 and Vista.
Well, not that important for me because unless they release a console version of Crysis, I won't be able to play it any time soon.

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