Give us gamers more titles like Halo

The phenomenal commercial success of Microsoft's Halo franchise, and in particular the recent Halo 3, is clear. It's already known that it is the biggest entertainment launch of all time; It's known that the game could take Microsoft's games division into the black.

It's startlingly obvious that the Halo franchise has been a success. And it deserves every plaudit, be it from retail or from the gamers themselves.

Though any successful franchise always has its detractors, what is so admirable about Halo is that it is a hit due to its quality.
So many mainstream entertainment franchises gain success through clever marketing, superstar backing or commercial branding.

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GodofPeace4086d ago

god no. i don't understand how a game with good multiplay and a "ehhh" single player gets such high reviews. Giving a 10/10 for a half decent game doesn't make sense. Halo 3 is overrated because the single player is too short and the story is "ehhhh"

razer4086d ago

I will say Halo 3 needed to push the graphical envelope A LOT more than it did.. It's not a completely ugly game, but I was expecting more along the lines of Killzone 2 visuals since it has been in development for so long and it is THE flagship title of the 360 and it has always in the past been a visual masterpiece in terms of the Xbox1. Kind of lame that it takes a 3rd party developer like Epic or Infinity Ward to deliver a jaw dropping game visually.

I still feel like I've gotten my monies worth, but I will probably approach future Bungie titles with caution. Games should be getting better with time and when you have Gears last Nov. we are still waiting for something to beat it visually.

spammy_nooo4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

I was expecting Halo 3 to have better graphics also, but lately I've started to wonder if the 360 has capped.

I'm not going to type what I think all over again so here is a link to another interesting story and a quote from a comment I made about that story.

PGR3 VS. PGR4 Video Comparison

"I know these aren't necessarily the BEST graphics the 360 can handle, but if even ONE -(good)- developer is having a hard time achieving a prodigious difference in graphics and/or gameplay mechanics between their generations of games for said platform, wouldn't that indicate that something is 'wrong'?

I'm starting to wonder if the 360 will stumble upon any more significant graphical strides in it's future. While no doubt the 360's graphics will continue to evolve and get sharpened up by the digital chefs that are programmers, will there be any more Gears of War(s)?

Interesting..... "

I'm starting to doubt the 360's ability to grow(graphically) significantly anymore. I've always been skeptical, and still am, but it's "worth a wonder", like I always say*.

* I don't really always say that.

spammy_nooo4086d ago

I finally got around to playing the original Halo and I've got to say....NO!

I've stopped playing it for now so I can beat some other games I own. In fact, I found Advent Rising in an old drawer and I've been playing that instead(I never did beat that game - I lost it).

For me Halo is absolutely nothing special. In fact I would have to say that it's one of the most laughable 'popular' games I have ever played. That's not to say it's bad, it's just not AMAZING OMG THIS BEATS EVERY OTHER GAME FOR INFINITE!!!!

I really don't know how it became so popular. From the adverts I'd gathered that it was a fairly serious game, but when I started playing it I found myself shooting suprisingly brightly colored aliens whilst being told what to do by some computer chip shoved in my helmet.

Not to rant, but I do disagree. We need to push the envelope beyond the mediocre game that is Halo.

Just for insurance, this is IMO and all that jazz. I know some people really like Halo and maybe I'm just missing the point by a long shot, but I did find it over-simplistic and dare I say.... girlie.

Noodlecup4086d ago

Give us more games like Bioshock but longer and with more replayability, give us more games like Deus Ex and System Shock 2, give us more games like Crysis; the game that will ultimately make Halo look like the 7 year old PC game that it is.

nanometric4086d ago

Enough with this Halo crap, yes, the all 3 Halo's are/where great, but enough is enough, everything else after this could only be a cheap ripoff to milk money of hungry fanatics, we don't need another mario or sonic!!! Thou I'm not a huge halo fan, but the game should stay a classic from now on and remembered for what it was in it's time. I understand that some ppl will go YAY HALO4 wupiiiiiiii, but seriously, let it go...

sorry, just my 0.02Ls :D

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