Gamer Girl of April: Amanda ~The Sony Geniuses

"Welcome to our First Gamer Girl of the month! Each month we have gamer girls who have been proven worthy competitors to The Sony Geniuses. We have the best Gamer Girl to start our showdown this month, Amanda Brockman aka "Amped" from the orginal season reality show on the PlayStation Network: The Tester. Amanda made it all the way to the final showing that girl gamers are just as willing and passionate for games than the majority of male gamers out there. Check out after the break as we ask some questions to get to know Amanda! We also have a funny question to ask our Gamer Girl: To rumble or not to rumble? Check out after the break!"

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disturbedcobra2578d ago

Amped is so cool. I would definitely like to meet her.

disturbedcobra2578d ago

You would have had to watch the Tester, she was a finalist off the PS3 series, The Tester 1st season

disturbedcobra2578d ago

She is definitely a looker, but the best thing about her is that she kicks ass at games. lol

DistrictMime2578d ago

something about her makes me want to fight a bear.

Active Reload2578d ago

I don't know why that was funny...but it was, lol.

DistrictMime2578d ago

maybe because its true...she gets me amped.

Dart892578d ago

Dude i swear every time i go into an article and see a report on an article it's urmomlol and he always puts lame wtf?

Good interview.

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