DTG: Bobby Kotick - Savior of Gaming

And no, this is not an early “April Fools” gift. Gamers hate him, but gamers – quite unknowingly – owe the health of the game industry to Activision’s CEO, Bobby Kotick. While the man does say some incredibly bold things that make us cringe, and while his methods of management go against what most game developers want, Kotick is helping keep the game industry afloat in a time of worldwide economic downturn.

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WAWI2516d ago

Bob Kotick for President!

evrfighter2516d ago

Author does realize that Kotick is on his last cash cow as his other two died miserable painful deaths right?

But then he could attempt to consolize blizzard. I honestly would love to see that play out. I wouldn't be short of reading material.

phosphor1122516d ago

I can tell you, ask any game/media arts professor at IUPUI (Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, a pioneering university in both video game development and media arts) and they will say he is killing gaming. He is taking out the passion, and the innovation of the design process, and that is key for expanding and improving.

I swear to you, they will say that.

dedicatedtogamers2516d ago

@ Phosphor

Y'know, the interesting think about professors at universities is that they are professors. How many of them have gone on to create mega-selling franchises?

Game developers don't need to exercise their passion or innovation to make a good game. The majority of high-selling games are not innovative, simply really really good.

hatchimatchi2516d ago


yea, and that's exactly why we have so few games like shadow of the colossus and truck loads of FPS garbage.

sales do not equal quality.

Going by your train of thought, avatar is the best movie ever.........

dedicatedtogamers2516d ago

@ hatchimatchi

It's not about "best game ever". It's about entertainment. The reason why games like SotC are scarce (and special) is because they are niche games. Very few people buy them. CoD entertains millions of people, which is why millions buy it.

Are you actually suggesting that developers should ignore millions of loyal fans in favor of a few thousand fans?

phosphor1122516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

@ dedicatedtogamers

So.. what does that have to do with anything I said? Many of these professors are EXPERTS at what they do. I mean expert in the technical term of it. Go ahead look up how many hours in ONE subject it takes for someone to become an expert.

Here is a link to probably my favorite professor.

It's a talk about "The Power of Gaming." He focuses on 2D flash development and 3D construction and development using the UE3. He has (along with several students including myself) helped us create the Media Arts Research and Learning Arcade (MARLA). This man will blow your mind on how much he knows about gaming, the industry, how development works, and EVERYTHING else game related.

I will take what he says over your irrelevant comments about mega selling games any day.

Here is news the MARLA center we established. There is a link to youtube of an animation of the design we had.

hatchimatchi2516d ago


No I don't think millions of fans should be ignored, but rehashing the same game on an annual basis with minimal improvements is nothing I would be proud of.

As for SOTC and COD, I know that when the servers are shut down for COD, I'll still be able to play one of the best SP experiences ever with SOTC while COD gamers will be left with a shell of game featuring a subpar SP experience.

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Shok2516d ago

What? He's the f***ing Anti-Christ!!!!!

renegade2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Savior ?!? XD

BubbleSniper2516d ago

dont let the devil pull you in!

xabmol2516d ago

He kinda gives me an Eddy vibe. You know that smile he gets when he's after that jawbreaker money?

No Way2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Do you mean Freddy? As in .. Freddy Krueger? :)

xabmol2516d ago

Didn't know Freddy was into jawbreakers. Well, then again maybe he is. Just not the candy ones...

Dart892516d ago

That's all i got to say.

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