New Crackdown Screens

Some new screens of Crackdown for Xbox 360.

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General3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

The graphics dont look as good as the other better 360 games like Gow and Lost planet But They do look alright, Those explosions Look pretty good.

SEER3863d ago

The key word here is that Crackdown has 'different' graphics. They are stylized. I'm all for more graphically different games. To man games on market are dull grey's, brown's with futuristic settings...

xboxlj3863d ago

Looks like it may be fun, but I am not a fan of the cellshaded graphics.

Islandkiwi3863d ago

I agree that the cell-shaded look doesn't play well with me either...but this game may look a lot better while in motion. In a still image my eyes automatically move towards the lines.

Monolith3863d ago

cell shaded games never look that good for some reason, but that explosion looks sweet, looks like a pretty fun game, its free roam with multiplayer so it might not be to bad of a game