DTG: Current-Gen Games Just Glorified Tech Demos?

It is no stretch to say that graphics are the main focus this generation. Sometimes, developers are trying their hardest to please fans visually and they forget there is still a game to make. There are games that combine both aspects and are executed very well, but those titles are in the minority compared to the big picture. We’re all for an outstanding-looking game, but the question “where is my game?” still remains.

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kyl2772547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

When you buy them on sale they are worth the money 100%, when you pay £30-40 for a game it can essentially be a tech demo for the price you pay.

frozenfish2547d ago

the Uncharted games have great graphics and gameplay.. More devs should put time into fleshing out the story and characters like ND!

Jio2547d ago

Naughty Dog is awesome!

dedicatedtogamers2546d ago

Naughty Dog makes some excellent games, but they always keep in mind that their games need to be fun, too!

Ruggadagod2546d ago

what's with all the PlayStation hate recently lol.

christheredhead2546d ago

haha i wasn't hating on god of war, sony or playstation. gow was merely used as an example so the picture is fitting for the article.

sjaakiejj2546d ago

graphics and gameplay are designed by different people in the game development process. One has nothing to do with the other, they are _independent_

dedicatedtogamers2546d ago

So you're saying that a videogame receives two completely separate budgets, one for gameplay and one for graphics? That's news to me.

sjaakiejj2546d ago

The budget doesn't affect gameplay, conceptually. It might lead to less content, but the game-design itself is not affected by the budget. The only thing that affects it is the quality of the game designer.