GC06: Need for Speed Carbon gameplay

Here is a full lap around one of the Need for Speed Carbon tracks.

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rj814169d ago

Not looking forward to this game whatsoever?

JIN KAZAMA 1874169d ago

EA totally blows. They have been sucking for quite a while now.

The best need for speed was "Need For Speed:Hot Pursuit 2" that game rocked.

All the rest, like undergrounds, and most wanted, were just trash, an attempt to cash in on a fad. This game will be forgotten about, in a matter of weeks.

xboxlj4169d ago

Same here. This is definatly a rental.

PS3 Ultimate4169d ago

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 was the best so far...... NFS Carbon only has a bit more detal than NFSMW. This is why I am not a racing fan. I am glad!

Schmitty074169d ago

It looks like Most Wanted during night

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