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3DS Outsold by PSP in Japan

Game Informer: It may only be for a week, but 600 PSP Go sales pushed Sony's portable just ahead of the 3DS for the week ending March 27 in Japan. (3DS, Industry, PSP)

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Emilio_Estevez  +   1650d ago
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UNCyrus  +   1650d ago
That. Just. Happened.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1650d ago
Yup, it did. Reversal of Nintendo's/Sony's fortunes? Un-likely, but maybe.
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norman29  +   1650d ago
Maybe because their more bothered about trying to restart their lives at the moment rather than playing video games....
longcat  +   1650d ago
PSP is an absolute monster when it comes to JRPGs.

Also, it just dipped below the launch price of the DS - after 5 years!. Those are some important fators.
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BiggCMan  +   1650d ago
I agree with norman29, they have much more important things to do right now then buy video games. The entire country is still in danger because of the nuclear problem, plus they need to start rebuilding the entire civilization, its such a mess and so sad. God bless them all.
PS3Freak  +   1650d ago
^^ Who disagrees with that?
Sprud  +   1650d ago
You mean buying a PSP instead of a 3DS is rebuilding civilization?

Your logic is clearly flawed.
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Eamon  +   1650d ago
LOL at Sprud.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1650d ago
I'm telling you, Sony; loading up your next handheld is a bad idea. You should have made the NGP towards cost effectiveness. The price is the most important factor in this market.

"You mean buying a PSP instead of a 3DS is rebuilding civilization?"
Exactly what I was thinking.
"Maybe because" they're busy rebuilding, they bought more PSPs than 3DS?
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Arnon  +   1650d ago
Completely agree with you. The NGP is shaping up to be something impressive. However, it can be the most powerful portable device in the world, but if it's priced too high, people won't buy it.
longcat  +   1650d ago
@orange cows
Another alternative would be to re-design and re-brand the psp and aim it at the kid market while leaving NGP for older folk who can afford it.
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Rage_S90  +   1649d ago
nintendo is doooooooooomed/s -_____-
HappyGaming  +   1649d ago
But than again PS2 was outselling the PS3 at first wasn't it?

and the 360?

Lets just make this 3DS vs NGP don't get PSP which has a gazillion games available involved.
Dragun619  +   1650d ago
I think it's mainly due to not being any Must Own 3DS titles compared to PSP where it had FFIV:Complete and FF:Dissidia 2 that week. Probably waiting for titles like Legend of Zelda:OoT, MGS3D, Kid Icarus, etc.
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meetajhu  +   1650d ago
Yes exactly PSP now only has competition! DS was a joke compared to PSP
CrazyForGames  +   1650d ago
that joke has nearly outsold the psp 3 to 1
socomnick  +   1650d ago
psp better then the ds.


What are you smoking.
PS3Freak  +   1650d ago
you're still around socomnick? I heard rumours that were in Guantanamo Bay getting ass raped. I guess they were wrong.
soren  +   1650d ago
yeah a funny joke while psp was a lame joke since ds beat the shuit out of psp
NiKK_419  +   1650d ago
damn socomnick, i haven't seem yu trollin in mhya in a while son
EYEamNUMBER1  +   1650d ago
3DS is 300 bucks over there and i think the psp is 130 now no? that is a huge factor
also the 3DS doesn't really have that many must haves yet

i say once the must haves start coming out the train will go full steam ahead

im actually waiting until resident evil comes out before i get one myself
macky301  +   1649d ago
aaa,.. it is like 370 in europe,..
PSP has software,.. that has something to do with it (It used to be important to gamers)
I think psp will dominate Japan in next two years in japan,.. hell the world (because it is cheaper, has really fucking awesome software if you are into JRPGs,.. hell I've bought it for YS 1,2 remakes) this system is awesome ,..
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Jaces  +   1650d ago
Curious to see how the NGP fares once it's released.
wwm0nkey  +   1650d ago
What, its not like because a new console comes out one dies. Both are doing healthy which is a good thing, if the PSP or DS died just because the 3DS came out I would be disappointed in people.
Counter Strike  +   1650d ago
Nintendo domination coming to and end
Already being outsold in US aswell
CrazyForGames  +   1650d ago
give it a rest psp has never outsold anything in the US
mimbly  +   1650d ago
Can't wait to see how the NGP does overall.
Stealth20k  +   1650d ago
first of all

the 3ds was the top selling system of the week. Not the psp 3000 or the psp go. Sure if you add them together. But is that fair? no not if you dont count the other ds models which are also selling. And I dont remember it being news last week when the 3ds outsold it by 30 thousand.

Second of all anyone who expected the 3ds to be the top seller every week for the next 7 years is an idiot.

There were many many many months and years were the psp and ds just went back and forth depending on what released that week or month

Thirdly the psp had a new ff title and the 3ds is just starting out

@ disagrees.

Logic too tough?

@ below
Selling out wont happen since the 3ds has the right amount of stock. And its convienent they are the same now when you need the numbers to add them to bash something else

bottom line. The 3ds was the top selling system this week with the 3000 number 2
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Viper7  +   1650d ago
//the 3ds was the top selling system of the week. Not the psp 300 or the psp go. Sure if you add them together. But is that fair? no not if you dont count the other ds models which are also selling //

Not that any of this really matters, but 3DS is consider as "next-gen" handheld while all PSP and PSP go are pretty much the same system.

But considering the success of DS I would have guessed 3DS to do better. (like be sold out for first month or something.)

Never the less, it seems to be doing well enough considering the lack of games for the system.
Tommykrem  +   1650d ago
Nintendo might struggle to make consumers see the that 3DS is a brand new handheld and not just a new version of the DS, but I wasn't expecting that one.
T3MPL3TON  +   1650d ago
Their gonna struggle with that, because that's all it is.. it's a DSi with 3d thrown in. THAT'S ALL.
firefoxprime  +   1649d ago
Clearly your spouting ignorance. With your stupid mentallity in tote, the NGP is obviously a psp3000 with just some touchscreen and another analog tacked on. Absurd huh. Yeah, I thought so.
Tommykrem  +   1649d ago
Well, strictly speaking that's not really all. But I agree that NGP is less similar to PSP than 3DS is to DS. And I am considering that the first DS didn't have cameras.
Neo Nugget  +   1650d ago
PSP only just picked up steam the last year and a half imo.
news4geeks  +   1650d ago
Go banana!
3noitatsyalp   1650d ago | Spam
Lamarthedancer  +   1650d ago
I think Nintendo should of had at least one must buy game for the 3DS when it got released like Mario Kart or the Zelda ocarina of time remake.

It would of made me buy it straight away
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RyuCloudStrife  +   1650d ago
didnt an eartquake
hit there just a couple weeks ago? What kind of trash is this article? You cannot really consider this, and using this as an opportunity to bash a new console is shameless..
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HmongAmerican  +   1650d ago
The 3DS bring nothing to revolutionize the gaming industry. That's why you don't see the hype going into the 3DS. Everything the 3DS does we already have or seen before.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1650d ago
exactly, there are lots of handheld gaming systems that offer glassless 3d... right?
soren  +   1650d ago
and the psp2 revolutionized gameing? how so? 3g theres already 4g and no one wants to pay for that ? ps3 ports? we already have that on the 360 :)
firefoxprime  +   1649d ago
Are you serious?
Did you "not" see E32010?
They stole the whole freakin show!

And FYI, I have NEVER seen SSFIV on a handheld before.(with buttons...ha)

But hey...let the haters hate. When the awesome content begins to trickle down this year...you'll see.

Now that the Sony fanboys "thwarted" the 360...now they wanna bash Nintendo. I already own a 3DS, and when NGP releases? I'm purchasing that as well.

3D gaming!
HD gaming!

Anyone who only stands on one side is an ignorant loser.
dkgshiz  +   1650d ago
Well it is a lot cheaper. It also has all of the JRPG games on it. So...that it explains it. As of right now there isn't many decent games for the 3DS. With in the coming months it should have a decent library of titles.
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Djinn  +   1650d ago
the 3ds is shit
SonyNGP  +   1650d ago
sickbird  +   1650d ago
I just got back from best buy, i tried out the 3DS and im extremely disappointed. I can barely see the 3D and you have to look at it dead on from like a foot away to get the effect. Just saved myself $250.
AWBrawler  +   1650d ago
yes, cos i will take 3DS advice from a guy who has Nathan Drake as his avatar
sickbird  +   1650d ago
Sorry im a fan of good games, my bad.
AWBrawler  +   1650d ago
if that were true, you would discard 3DS just because of the 3D. you would just turn it off and play the good games, if you didn't like the 3D, right?

I don't like sixaxis, but i still played heavenly sword. I Didn't have an HD TV at the time, but i still played Halo 3. So what is your point?

Real gamers aren't picking up 3DS for the 3D alone anyway. its for the games. How are games like DOA, Metal Gear, Starfox, Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter, MegaMan, Kingdom Hearts, and Splinter Cell not good??
sickbird  +   1650d ago
Ok, that is true BUT the major difference between the DS and 3DS is the 3D! and as of right now the system has no notable games. Maybe when something good releases ill take another look.
Arnon  +   1650d ago
That and the fact that it's running on entirely new hardware?
AWBrawler  +   1650d ago
ok now that makes more sense. because i agree right now is slim pickings, cause I hate dogs, pilot wings always sucked, and I refuse to play Ridge Racer of any sort.

Nothing is wrong with Uncharted, I am just saying nobody will take a guy with a SONY avatar seriously about a Nintendon 3DS opinion.
Kon_Artist  +   1650d ago
ya you stupid stupid idiot. how dare you make nathen drake your avatar wth is wrong with people these days!
tunaks1  +   1650d ago
"I just got back from best buy, i tried out the 3DS and im extremely disappointed. I can barely see the 3D and you have to look at it dead on from like a foot away to get the effect. Just saved myself $250."

thanks i will take ur word for it, there is no way you would be making things up, its not like your comment was generic or something.
Goeres  +   1650d ago
I don't understand people who comes up with the conclusion that it gets outsold due to the big earthquake hitting JP.

"3dS not seling cuz earthquake hitting, they got more important things to wurry abat!!!" Yea they do, and that would make sence if the other consoles were hit by a declining sale chart aswell. Are you telling me that 3DS is the only thing hit and affected by it?

Hell, even the 360 is doing better than last week (not getting outsold by the ps2)

Face it, 3DS is a good console but the lack of real games are making it hit 2nd place.
Masterchef2007  +   1650d ago
Its cheaper and has a lot more games than the 3DS its normal that this happens in the beginning.
Rampaged Death  +   1650d ago
That's what happens when you overprice your handheld and games. Also not many good games at launch.
TheTwelve  +   1650d ago
Very, very intriguing news. Sure, everybody in Japan is hurting but it's not like potential 3DS buyers are hurting more than potential PSP buyers.

Just like the DS, I'll wait until there are games I must play before buying a 3DS. As it stands, there's nothing on the 3DS that is worthy my time atm.

Geralt_Of_Rivia   1650d ago | Spam
llMurcielagoll  +   1650d ago
Boy at this rate, NGP is going to hit 3DS like a shovel in sales.

Will wait and see.
Shnazzyone  +   1649d ago
psp must have had a good release. It's not really a big deal... because in the end 3ds is outselling psp everywhere else.
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spektical  +   1649d ago
not surprised. the problem is there are too many DS's now out in the market. Concurrently, health problem critiques have to go into consideration when buying something the human eye is forcefully strained to interpret (3D).
YodaCracker  +   1649d ago
Not surprising at all. The PSP is always in first place every week in Japan sales, while it is literally dead last in every other region. It's a backwards video game world over there. And Japan sales are such a tiny fraction of overall worldwide sales that it means very little.
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