Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 47: Jake Kazdal for Skulls of the Shogun

Shanghai Six sits down with Jake Kazdal from Haunted Temple Studios, one of three and a half guys responsible for the upcoming downloadable 4-player online strategy game, Skulls of the Shanghai…er, Skulls of the Samurai, no that’s not it….Skulls of the SHOGUN! There we go. We discuss Jake and his team’s past with Electronic Arts and Steven Spielburg’s canceled Project LMNO, where exactly one dreams up the idea of vengeful undead samurai warring across the nether realms, and Jake treats us to the longest list of shoutouts to fellow indie developers we’ve had to date!

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maxcavsm2424d ago

I loved the pictures on the Haunted Temple Studios website of Tim Schafer playing the game :)

eccothedolphin72424d ago

I'm listening to it right now, and so far it's great as always.