PS3 magazine says 40GB model will own the competition

Daniel Dawkins, the editor of UK publication PSM3 Magazine, says that the new 40GB PS3 will generate so many sales that it will boost Sony back into the leadership position in the home gaming console market.

He said, "Sales-wise, I'm pretty confident - and this will probably come back to haunt me - that Sony will sell at least as many machines in the three months to Christmas, as they have in the six months since launch. And, I suspect, possibly even double...I honestly think we'll look back in six months and laugh at how Sony was perceived to be 'failing.'"

If Sony can pull itself away from the shadows of the Xbox 360 and Wii, it will have pulled off something that many have doubted it could ever do...recover from its past mistakes.

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Chris_GTR13999d ago

lol. psn says that...analists say otherwize

nasim3999d ago

and everyone says that x360 will be dead in EU with the launch of 40 gig ps3s.

CHRIS BOT we will talk to you tomorrow where reports of x360's death will come in. read gamedaily --all analysts are predicting massive sales for ps3.

too bad a BOT like you will be crying tomorrow

Chris_GTR13999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

ohh ... shuuuuurrreee...the playstation magazine is a VERY,VERY reliable source for predictions on ps3 sales.

Zhuk3999d ago

PSM are delusional, Sony must be giving them very strong drugs if they believe that the PS3 has any chance at all

neogeo3999d ago

I have been saying that PS3 will own in sales all along.
I better get 50 bubbles and much respect when this comes true.
If im wrong then I will smash my PS3 on youtube. ..

And better yet I will let Mart,Bladstar and all the bots tell me how they want me to smash it.
Fire, Acid, chainsaw, bathtub with me in it?

Panthers3999d ago

I dont get why you care if one system does good, especially if you do not plan on buying it. You guys sound so stupid arguing over it though.

But there is no doubt that the PS3 will be successful. To think that it will "fail" makes no sense. The Xbox will also sell a ton more. The video game industry is growing too much to think that either system will fail.

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SuicidalTendencies3999d ago

You have to be the most ignored user on this site. How does that make you feel? Oh..sorry, you only have one bubble. I guess it doesn't pay being a fanboy.

Barreldragon003999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Of coarse they say that just like that one Xbox site said that the 360 will see little sales impact from the 40gb PS3. All i know is that 3 of my friends are going to get the 40gb PS3.

IdontTakeSides3999d ago

I definetly think that sales of the PS3 will double...especially during the holiday and if ne one think otherwise your living in deep denial..and ne 1 expecting the PS3 to all of A sudden pass the 360 in total sales is a complete idiot but it will eventually happen and the 40GB is only gonna speed up the process....!!!

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