Halo 3 Sold 5.2 million copies as of Oct 4th

The company said all three "Halo" games had sold more than 20 million copies. Earlier this year, Microsoft said the first two games had sold 14.8 million copies, which could mean "Halo 3" has sold as many as 5.2 million copies.

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tethered4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )


How much did it cost to make? Anyone know?

Never mind I found out.
The total cost to Microsoft for "Halo 3": a little more than $60 million. Development costs will probably be just above $30 million, given an elite team of 300 full-time artists and programmers working for three years on the game at Bungie, the internal Microsoft studio that created the games, said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities. Bonuses to key developers and artists will probably add $25 million to the tab, Pachter said. Though about $15 million to $20 million in television marketing will be spent promoting the game, the majority will be footed by marketing partners such as Pepsi, Burger King and Pontiac that want to ride the "Halo 3" hype.

jcgamer4055d ago

I always wondered...thanks bro...bubble up for you...impressive sales

dachiefsman4055d ago

that is a nice find on the development costs....I am a Halo fan but I have a hard time understanding how 60 million was spent on seems as though 30 million was spent on marketing and only 30 million on the actual game...maybe I was just expecting a lot more than what I got....

before I get flamed....I have almost all the achievements for Halo 3 so I have seen almost everything the game has to offer....

MADGameR4055d ago

Halo 3 has broken the record books in sales. But what about the X Box 360 sales???

bootsielon4055d ago

"$30 million, given an elite team of 300 full-time artists and programmers working for three years "

Bullshit. That would be $10 million a year divided amongst 300 employees, which would mean a yearly salary of $33,333... which is slightly less than the USA average salary. Seriously, that has to be wrong... I doubt that artists/developers get paid so little for what they do. They were in charge of Microsoft's and Bungie's most important project EVER, and are highly trained and specialized programmers/artists. I seriously doubt that, unless they (The employees) were all Bungie stockholders, are paid so little.

It's not that Halo cost a lot more than 30 million, it's that Halo didn't have more than 120 employee's. Which would be an average salary of about 90,000 (for 3 years) or so, which sounds about right for those kinds of employees. Halo cost $30 million.

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Bloodmask4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I suspect that Halo 3 will be the first "next-Gen" game to sell 10 million copies. Props to Bungie and Microsoft for delivering on the hype.

tethered4055d ago

Yes it is.
Very impressive.

SnakeCL4055d ago

Considering neither Halo: CE nor Halo 2 sold 10 million, I think the 360 is going to hard pressed to do so with a smaller install-base.

Ace_Shooter4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Is the quality of the game. Yes the gameplay is great but, what the heck happened to the graphics?? especially co-op splitscreen. WITH ALL THE HYPE it SHOULDVE been better. While you guys say its about the gameplay more so than graphics, i agree. BUT, when Resistance came out for the PS3 the game has GREAT gameplay but xbox fans chose to rag on its graphics (which aren't that far from Halos, even the character models on Resistance actually look better with better expresions). UM did you guys know that Resistance co-op splitscreen COVERS your HDTVs widescreen aspect ratio unlike Halo 3?? I'm sorry to bring this up but i'm REALLY mad. I bought a 360 (an elite at that to match my TV and PS3) just for Halo and it left me very unimpressed (only reason i'm keeping it is because all my friends have it until they get a PS3) WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING?? Halo 3's most attractive piece is its MULTIPLAYER and they can't even get that right! UNBELIEVEABLE! 5.2million?good for them ...but....Halo 3?? not that great for us (which it SHOULD'VE been). thank you for your time.

EDIT: How am i getting disagrees?? Play the damn game in co-op splitscreen on a Widescreen HDTV and tell me that's not what happens?? In one of the levels, the damn grass was growing as i was walking! (i don't know what that term is for games but it doesn't make the game look good)

EDIT 2: Damn fanboys, disagreeing at the truth.

Meus Renaissance4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

5.2million is practically half the install base. One of every two person bought the game? I'd like to see how many consoles were sold this month because I suspect that we'll see close to 50% bought this game and I'm not so sure if that's a good thing from a broad demographic of an audience as this was meant to be a system seller. Great stuff for Bungie but I doubt Microsoft would have sold more than 400,000 consoles this month.

It would be a negative if hardware sales do not impress as the suggestion that "most who wanted the game already had a 360", although not entirely true, could possibly have some a great sense of truth in it

jcgamer4055d ago

if they sold over 400,000 that is very impressive...they weren't selling that the month before, right?...Holiday 2004, with the release of Halo 2, was the first and only time the Xbox out sold the PlayStation 2 in unit sales in the US for the Christmas trust me, it sells systems...come back after December have to look at Halo 3 not by just blockbuster sales, but the attention that it gives to the Xbox may be a billion dollar franchise, but man is it worth a couple more for Microsoft as a company...

Meus Renaissance4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I don't deny the figures are impressive but these are short-term. The only issue I had with Halo 3 in regards to the industry was that Xbox supporters were speculating how well it would for the machine in terms of new hardware sales. It's not about how much in software terms but hardware terms. If hardware terms are not impressive even in this month, then there can be two possibilities as it already has sold 5million.

1. Practically 1 in 2 Xbox 360 owners purchased the game.
2. Alot of people who do not own an Xbox 360 purchased the game whilst waiting to save up for the console.

The first is more likely to me. But it all depends on the hardware sales for the same time frame as the 5million software titles being sold. If MS sold a significant amount then the suggestion that "most who wanted the game already own the console" was unwarranted but as far as I'm concerned this will be answered in about a month or two.

Do you understand what I'm getting at? With the current hardware figures, 1 in 2 own the game. These hardware figures need to be substantially increased to dismiss that ratio.

jcgamer4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

my question is what did you expect Halo 3 to do in about 3 weeks for the 360? The game released on September 25...I say give it time...360 sales are not going to magically rise a couple million units overnight just because Master Chief is in the stores...if they sale on par with the Wii or more this month, I will be impressed...nice little victory...but November is far more important, and December is the month of all months...according to NPD, the PlayStation 2's highest December was 2.7 million in the US alone! 30 days almost 3 million...dude, that is Michael Jackson Thriller numbers...will one of the big 3 ( Wii, 360, PS3) do that this year? It might be a little more building before something like that happens again...and the PS2 was selling Holiday numbers all year long for YEARS (Wii if they keep up current momentum, I don't know and can't tell)...they had unprecendented success...I think people might have their expectations a little too high, too soon for 360...we'll see...the original Xbox did over 15 million in the US, by the way...and we all know what the original PS1 did by Sony was riding a wave when they launched PS2...time will tell...rant away Meus, you're the

Sayai jin4055d ago

Hmmm. It is short term numbers, which make it even more impressive. Going through the holidays will still be a short term mark and which will be a more accurate story. Which I see a lot more game aand console sales to increase. I would be very suprised if Halo 3 a system seller. One thing that reflects this is 360 sales being boosted. If you average it out with thegame being release on the 25 of Sept and these numbers are for 4 Oct which is about 10 days and 300,00 to 400,000 consoles sold. Hmmm that means the game should help around the same console numbers every 10 days with of course a decline (becuase the Halo hardcore have already brought the game). But there will be another spike after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas.

Ace_Shooter4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Yes in such short time the SALES are impressive. BUT word of mouth is one heck of a sales pitch and people are pissed that Halo 3 is NOT what it SHOULD have been. My verdict? Halo 3 sales MIGHT not reach 10 million, not with a great lineup of FPS's coming out soon...guess which one? CoD4 and Haze.

jcgamer4055d ago

I WISH COD4 is better than Halo 3...I've finished the fight, and I enjoyed it, so what's next, ya know?...but the sales of Halo 3 is something else...a whole nother beast...over 1 million will buy COD4 on the 360 very soon, of course...but 5.2 million in 3 weeks...heck no...I love Halo 3 as a brand because it gets people interested in 360...and Gears of War, the first game I ever played on my 360, will always be special to me...I love it...

Ace_Shooter4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I have a good feeling CoD4 and Haze will both be great games. Better than Halo 3?? In sales no, in quality?? I really think it will be, Halo 3 isn't that much better than other shooters today, honestly, It's even barely better than Halo 2. It's just the name and it's history (being the 1st really good console shooter). But in this day and age, Halo 3 did not overly impress anyone. If they said it did, they must not have played other shooters ever in their life (or they're blind fanboys). But yeah bro its nice that Gears brought some great gaming for you. Resistance brought that joy to me when i got it.
Heres a little question for you.....Gears or Halo 3?? Which do you like better?? i should start a poll for would be interesting.

jcgamer4055d ago

you're right, I totally agree...Halo 3 single player, though polished and balanced, with great music, is not the "end all be all" of shooters...I definitely didn't go into it thinking that, however...its a relaxed, chill, and in more ways than less an enjoyable campaign...NOW the question, Is Gears better than Halo 3...look at my avatar...heck yeah...I haven't played Resistance yet, I wanted UT3 to be my first FPS on PS3...Epic has won me enjoyed Resistance? start a poll bro, it would be interesting to see Gears vs. Halo 3...people can't get mad, both are on the 360...what game are you looking forward to the most on PS3, by the way...

Ace_Shooter4055d ago

I do agree with you man, Halo 3 single player (even if its online co-op) is great, i like it. the game is a 9/10 for me (i really dont like the sound effects that much, the music is awesome 10/10, but the assault rifle sounds like it has a silencer on it lol, wtf?). But i'm just REALLY pissed at the split screen co-op i can't believe MS would even allow that honestly. I love playing co-op and that's why Halo 3 gets a 7.5-8/10 from me. Anyway, yeah bro Resistance is a great game. Online is insane! My only gripe is that my friends and i can't play online on the same console (they'll fix that in Resistance 2). Warhawk also bro is one heck of a game. Look into that one if you have a PS3, just rent the game and you'll see what i'm talking about (but i must advise you, the controls do take a little time to get used to but, once you get it, it's really really easy). Most anticipated games for me this year...Haze, Ratchet (never played them but i hear nothing but good news) and Uncharted for the PS3. sadly UT3 doesn't come out until next year though.

jcgamer4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

yeah, it's Uncharted for me on bro owns the PS3...I'll be getting one of those 40GB's come Drake's Fortune...on the 360, at the very top of my list, is Mass Effect...Uncharted and Mass Effect both release on November 20, so good times...I've never played Ratchet either I am kind of excited for it, I must say...something different...yeah, UT3 is next year... but I'm in denial cause Mark Rein said "maybe" this GT Prologue coming for the US? would definitely get into that...yeah bro, people keep saying, WarHawk...WarHawk, so maybe when the price drops a little...I love a challenge...back on topic...Halo 3 is ultimately a 9/10 for me...I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but the story was satisfying in a calm kind of way for me...put me in a relaxed I said very balanced and polished...and I didn't get a scratched disk and no hiccups whatsoever, so all is't complain...and have you seen or played Lair? I'm almost curious to see it in a "so bad its good" b-movie, cult classic kind of way...reminds me of Altered Beast from the Genesis era...almost a 'tech demo' for things to come on PS3...

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Covenant4055d ago

To quote Darth Vader:

"Impressive. Most Impressive."

Marona4055d ago

My question is, out of these 5.2 million - how many of these actually play on LIVE? I'd give it about 20-40%, have yet to see 1 million playing Halo 3 online.

Double-Edged4055d ago

hmmm.. when I played it at my friends house... It was over a million..

maybe just the time of day.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4055d ago

this past weekend over a million people were playing the whole weekend. i guess you gotta wait until the weekend to see everyone playing

Marona4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Well I did say "I" have yet to see it myself XD.... Not everyone is online ofcourse and I know people who I don't quite understand in not getting on LIVE to play Halo 3 matchmaking. Biggest I've seen was around 600k so far.

JasonXE4055d ago

at once 1,200,000 people playing. Considering not everyone plays at once and that is a second of a stat update then that is freaking huge.

dachiefsman4055d ago

/agree with BlazingProphet....I have seen way over 1 million over the weekend...

Snukadaman4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

check there is a running tabulation of people playing all the time.

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