Smash Bros. Dojo Update: Kirby's Final Smash and WarioWare Song

Another day, another Smash Bros. Brawl update. Today's update on the Smash Bros. Dojo showcases Kirby's Final Smash and a song for the WarioWare stage. Specifically, the song is Ashley's Theme, which has been recorded in several different languages for all versions of the game. Like most songs in the game, it's a catchy little tune that's sure to work it's way into your brain and drive you mad. Kirby's Final Smash has him donning a chef's hat and tossing his enemies into a big pot. They then blast out along with a few other items.

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neogeo4084d ago

I see alot of people pre order this game at game stop

skynidas4084d ago

This game is fun and i think is the only game that its worth in the Wii