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MotorStorm: Apocalypse is action all the way. It's packed full of collapsing skyscrapers and disintegrating bridges, with the driving experience built around turbo boosting, jumps and vehicular combat. But does turning your iPod up to max volume and listening to it for 6-8 hours automatically create a classic album you'll want to come back to again and again? Let's see what's underneath the rubble.

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Ghost_Sparta2581d ago

In my honest oppinion I think this game deserves more! Playing it for a week here in Europe and I believe this is the best of the series...

Pintheshadows2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Me too but Gamesradar has disappeared up their own bums recently. They would rather concentrate on silly articles rather than saying anything interesting about games.

Did you have trouble finding it? HMV in England removed it from sale. I had to go to an independent.

@Ahasverus, I think your comment makes you look stupid. If you actually played games maybe you would have something better to do. There is this cool craze called suicide going around at the moment. Maybe you could try that.

@ghost sparta. It deserves to, it is really good.

Ghost_Sparta2581d ago

I live in Portugal! It isnt hard to get a copy, but I see that the number of copies in the stores are decreasing a lot! A sign that is selling well!

undercovrr2581d ago

At least you guys have it available in Europe, albeit hard to find. We in Canada don't have a single copy here yet :( . I NEED to get my hands on this game

Ahasverus2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

So flamboyant fanboys, you've got a lot of the exclusives you were praising this year and only Killzone3 and LBP2 have met your expectations (and not nearly as high as you touted it to be), all of the other (Yakuza, Hyperdimension Neptuna, PSheroes -lol- Motorstorm) have been, uhm, not so great.. do you realise that overhyping an unreleased game and bashing the competition for stupid brand loyality just makes you look stupid?

Ghost_Sparta2581d ago

I think that who is looking stupid here is You! If you didn't play it and are not interested on it don't came here calling us fanboys, because you came here only whith the purpose of bashing other games!...

Ahasverus2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

I wans't bashing games, I AM bashing YOU blind funboyz, your stupid arguments make youtube commenters look like litterary critics, praising everything sony does AND bashing every thing the others do is just.. immature, childish and utterly stupid, do you reliase this is the most visited news aggregator? Do you think it's pleasant to see all this nonsense? it's not, STFU

Motorstorm is a fun game and deal with it, but it's nothing to prove superiority (the concept alone is simply stupid)

Ghost_Sparta2581d ago

Stop it! It's just plain ridiculous!

Pintheshadows2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

None of us bashed anything. I think your mental mate. We are just commenting on a game we enjoyed. Tell you what, get a pencil, jam it up your nose and headbutt your desk really hard. Then all the fanboys you hate (yourself should be one of them) will disappear!

Ahasverus2581d ago

I agree with you and I'm not blaming you, the post was NOT dedicated to EVERYONE HERE but, you know, //those// ones, nothing to get mad if you don't feel "touched" by it ;)

clank5432581d ago

Personally, I really enjoyed Yakuza, LBP2, and Motorstorm so far this year. I only own a ps3 since I'm not exactly rich so I'm definitely going to be a little bit biased, but in my eyes I really enjoy the ps3's games this year and its just barely begun. Its not like the 360 doesn't have any games since there's so many multiplats, but there's definitely no exclusives worth talking about so far this year.

dead_eye2581d ago

Your not bashing us. Your bashing the reviews which has fuck all to do with my opinion of the game. I'll say it now after a couple of hours play best in the series.

On topic the artile started so well then the reviewer started talking.

"The gritty art design also grates a little. Looking at a street that's full of rubble, smoke and debris is about as pleasing on the eye as... a street filled with rubble, smoke and debris. Odd, that." Well what do you want from an urban setting with an earthquake going on flowers and fairys.

"And then comes the realisation that the actualy gameplay boils down to little more than 'trying not to crash'. Hmmm..." I might be wrong but isn't that the point of all racers.

"The soundtrack deserves special mention because it was recorded at Abbey Road studios" No it doesn't it's a recording studio doesn't matter where it's done.

"Hollywood composer Klaus Badelt (who scored Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) would write the game's music, which would be recorded by an orchestra at Abbey Road, then the result would be handed to cutting edge DJs to mix before being put into the game. Great idea in theory, but the result isn't noticeably superior to Slipknot's Before I Forget and Curve's Hell Above Water from MotorStorm 1 and may actually put some players off." This all comes down to how elitist you are with your music. I didn't think i'd like the music when I first heard it wasn't rock songs but I was wrong the music works perfect with this.

Pintheshadows2581d ago

As I said above, Gamesradar has gone downhill recently. They have no consistency anymore. They are just trying to be funny and they are not succeeding. It is a shame.

dead_eye2581d ago

Same with a lot of sites now. Reviews don't bother me anyway but I do like to point things out if a person is been a bit to stupid. .

grailly2581d ago

I thought the music in this game was terrible, am I the only one?

maybe not "terrible", ok , but no where near as good as what we had in previous motorstorms. The music in the other games gave a festival-like vibe to the game, it just gave the impression that the drivers were having fun while crashing into each other, that's what motorstorm was about for me.
Now it feels more serious with action movie music, which are quite good, but just not motorstorm good

dead_eye2581d ago

@grailly I see what your getting at but it is a totally different festival this time.
I like the serious music style for it makes it more epic. But thats just personnel opinion. Could have solved it all with custom soundtracks

grailly2581d ago

I guess your right for the festival mode, but the multiplayer part of the game is still good old motorstorm madness.

Some of the tunes fit well into the game, and I don't mind them, but others are really too "electro" and don't convey a sense of tension, I really don't like those.

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Ravage272581d ago

annnnnd the first idiot to start a flamewar is...a genuine nutcase who is crazier than the 'fanboys' he proclaim to hate

BK-2012581d ago

You're an idiot, please leave.

mt2581d ago

clearly, you didn't have ps3 and you didn't play yakuza 4 . yakuza 4 so far for me has an amazing story line, amazing gameplay, tons of sub stories...

CernaML2581d ago

Low meta scores, high Meta scores. It doesn't really matter you know. Motorstorm Apocalypse is absolutely brilliant and another exclusive game to add to our library.

You laugh about these exclusive games not meeting *our* expectations? Who the fuck are you to judge what we should or should not like? I find it pathetic how you people still manage to talk when there hasn't been a single 360 exclusive to be released this year.

nix2581d ago

hey.. ahasverus, i'm drunk now but but i'll refrain from abusing u...

have u heard of "playing the game N not listening to reviewers"??? plus it looks like ure the one who is turning it into a flamewar!! havin said that, GFY!

on topic, the game is great! set pieces are breathtaking n it's a blast to play with ur friends offline.

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lagoonalight2581d ago

So flamboyant fanboys, YOU, have a lot of exclusives. And who are YOU referring to. It's pretty obvious who the blatant retard here is. Motorstorm is a wonderful series. You wouldn't know as it's obvious you don't have a PS3. So again why are you here in this article?

Ahasverus2581d ago

I have one (not a powerful PC though) and I don't feel comfortable with the impression of PS3 owners some people is giving. Some of us just wanna play games and don't believe in superiority, and we care about //good// games beign exlusive or not all wee need is playing them, not starting flamewars based on hyped previews and brand loyality. We are gamers not stock sellers! why do some people need to praise and bash game companies and not just play and judge their products!?

Pintheshadows2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

If you want to be taken seriously or have any bubbles don't enter a perfectly civilised discussion and start posting stuff like that. I've taken a bubble awawy for all of your comments. No one said anything remotely fanboyish except you.

@lindsey, I get that, it is a bit darker, it is still fun though. It feels more natural than say splitslashseconds destruction. If you think about it though it is no more violent than cartoons.

grailly2581d ago

"We are gamers not stock sellers!"

I never got why people say this, anyone can go out and buy some stock, so you have no clue if we are or not! I, for one, own stock in quite a few gaming companies (not sony though, as all their divisions are under SNE), and want some games to succeed.

Also, it has nothing to do with being a troll, because bashing on other products doesn't make your stock go up.

Lindsey2581d ago

I know that not everyone will agree with me, but I'm a little disappointed that they are taking the series in a dark direction. My son and I had a blast playing the first two, but I'm not going to let him play this one.

dead_eye2581d ago

You can skip the cut scenes. Yeah you can run over people but most of the time they will get out of the way anyway.

No one can disagree with you for been a responsible parent. It's great that you play games with your son. I'd say if he's over 12 then this will be fine for him. If he's younger I'd leave it awhile.

Lindsey2581d ago

He is turning 7 this month. We loved playing the first two.

dead_eye2581d ago

Oh well best leave it awhile. Little Big Planet 2 is awesome for co op play. Creative too.

AssassinHD2581d ago

What is dark about it? The game has you racing in a dangerous, chaotic environment with fracturing ground and falling buildings, but it is not like you are driving over babies in the street or kittens are falling from the sky.

Lindsey2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

You can run over people and spectators throw stuff at you. For a 7 year old it's a little too intense. The first games were fun for kids because they were lighthearted, this one just seems darker to me. I'm not knocking the game in any way, just making an observation.

AssassinHD2581d ago

Hmm, I did know about spectators throwing stuff at you, but I guess I never watched any videos involving running over people. I can see your point in that case.

Bathyj2581d ago

The games not really dark in tone at all.

I guess you do have the pedestrian thing but to be honest, its not like youre trying to kill, they might as well be tumble weeds for all the thought you give them. Theres way to much going on to be singling them out.

I guess I'm trying to say they're not much more than human shaped traffic obstacles, you're not likely to get bloodlust from this game. Its no more violent then say, throwing a turtle shell at someone and knocking them out.

All the comicbook scenes are pretty lighthearted too.

Still, at least your a parent who actually watches what your kid plays.

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