Rumor: GTA 5 to become "French Connection"?

The Official PlayStation Magazine France wants to know more about GTA 5. Their rumors say it is called "French Connection" and plays in France.

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Prcko2639d ago

So much rumors about GTA 5 lately.
I think we gonna see new gta very soon,it's always like that :)

Brunow2639d ago

I'm getting curious here.

andron6662639d ago

Yep. We'll see lots of more crazy rumours soon setting N4G abuzz with bull...

Paladz2639d ago

GTA V: Mob Wars

Please make it happen - Would absolutely love a GTA set in the settings of the Italian Mob in America.

maverick11912639d ago

play mafia or godfather

i cant see it being france

i can see america again maybe return of vice city?

Paladz2639d ago

I played Mafia and I find the storytelling thrilling. I just lack the atmosphere that GTA games bring. I really think Rockstar could make the best Mob/Mafia game ever.

These typical GTA games with American "Brotherhoods" and the "American Dream" isn't interesting. Move away from the "Ghetto" and into something more lively and not so fictive. Ofcourse - all games will be fictive, but storytelling can be made from real life decades and I think the 50's would make a great GTA game.

floetry1012639d ago

The 'Mafia' series called, they want you to buy their game or you'll be sleeping with the fishes.

nickjkl2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

not gonna happen gta was born from american history

it uses what you would or would have seen in america at that time period

now how would they replicate and or reference the society language and culture in a game and make it interesting

and about that mob isnt that kinda like gta3

fossilfern2639d ago

Well its a British developed game, from Scotland. So not to get in any political arguments here but its already European. So I dont think it would be too hard to replicate a European society such as France.

nickjkl2639d ago

i was talking in general

but in case of this situation

we would be in France speaking English when the dominant language in France is french get me now

same if it were a rumour about japan we would be in japan speaking english when the dominant language is japanese it would ruin the immersion that was set up

fossilfern2639d ago

Infact good point sorry I just thought it over there now. They should just make up their own city were you can just do the kind of stuff you could do in San Andreas or even Vice City.

TXIDarkAvenger2639d ago

GTA San Andreas is the best GTA in my opinion. I'd would be fine if it was "ghetto".

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The story is too old to be commented.