Thinking About It...Crysis 2 Kinda Sucks | Mad Overdose writes: It’s been a little over a week since the release of Crytek’s latest shooter and despite whether you like the game or not, everyone seems to be having their say. It’s quite sad to see the sheer overwhelming amount of negativity hurled towards the title. But are people simply whining for the sake of whining, or is there justification? I’ve been playing a lot of the game recently and have come to the conclusion that the more I play it, the closer I come to the realization that it’s not only a disgraceful sequel, it’s also poorly designed and fails to deliver even some of the most basic attributes every game should have.

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Kran2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

It's not disraceful though. The single player (thus far I have got, I've heard the ending is sh**) is fine. The multiplayer is just a bit better than Medal of Honor.

The problem with the sequel is tha high levels are nerfed as f**k so lower levels have to suffer until they have enough unlocks, you sometimes spawn right by your enemy or right where an orbital strike is about to occur, if I shoot 10 bullets on an enemy accuratly, it takes 2 for him to kill me.


After all that, it's still addicting. :/

... Also, theres a dog tag of the crotch and ass. WHUT?

Joni-Ice2789d ago

Hey Kran....I REALLY want to buy this game but Im dont want to spend money if its not worth it. What do yoou mean by "High levels are nerfed"? Is this game good?

Kran2788d ago

Well when you're high level, you get the better stuff.

You get all the crap stuff at low level, so high level people are hugely "nerfed"

Elwenil2788d ago

Methinks you are misunderstanding the term "nerf".

InTheKnow2788d ago

Just another typical hater looking for hits. One minute the AI is bad, the next minute he's running right through the levels cloaked. Try collecting as much Nano from the enemies by clearing out the encampments on anything other than normal difficulty and then complain. The AI is broken from time to time, this is true, but for me it adds a real unpredictable factor to the game play and when it happens on higher difficulties I'm quite grateful actually! lol.

The graphics and game play compliment themselves perfectly and if you've played the game recently, they have cleaned a lot of the bugs.

The shield and cloak upgrades are ingenious in multi-player and if you take the time to understand what each upgrade does, then you won't complain about guys who seem invincible. Anytime you have upgradable items there will be complaints from the noobs and the ignorant. Crysis 2 is a very sophisticated game and those that just want to jump in and play like chickens without a head will make nice shooting targets.

I'm at the end of my second play through and look forward to the next one, it's that addictive.

ProjectVulcan2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

This is a good game. I have really enjoyed the single player.


There are reasonable points here if you have played the other two titles, which i have. It is just the city settings and hardware constraints have altered the way the game is, becoming less open and less destructible, so it limits your options somewhat. I found that being stealthy is much more effective and often the only way through in Crysis 2. Skirting the worst of the battles is sometimes impossible though, which does change the way you can play the game for better or worse, depending on your viewpoint or playstyle.

I like both options, i must admit i enjoyed assassinating enemies by throwing chickens at koreans and flattening buildings with people inside, and i enjoyed the setting Crysis 2 offers.

lelo2play2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

No, it doesn't suck. Crysis 2 is a good game, but.. have you guys noticed that Crytec's games are worsening with each new game (instead of improving).

1st game... Far Cry... great game.
2nd game... Crysis... very good game.
3rd game... Crysis 2... good game.

... I hope they don't screw up the future X360 exclusive Codename: Kingdoms.

starchild2788d ago

Hmm I'm really loving it. They have a couple issues they need to fix, at least on PC, but overall the game is awesome.

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ultimate-remag2789d ago

the ending is rather disappointing!!!!!!!!!!

Quagmire2788d ago

Not as good as the ending in Crysis 1?

mastershredder2788d ago

I dunno, everything that is fed to you in bits and pieces throughout the game makes you wonder how much of Alcatraz is actually left (what Gould, Prophet, Hargreave and the nano-suit animations pretty much give away to a bewildered player).

A lot of people obviously are not getting the story and go on about how weak it is (maybe they are not paying attention or just don't get it) . After a couple play throughs, I'd say it is probably one of the better FPS super-suit stories a game can muster. It is there to make you think on different levels. The missing pieces, the motivations of the characters, Hargreave's oh-so convenient timing/entry when your suit has to hard-reboot).

I will say that gamers that are new to Crisis are missing out on much of the story set in the original. Such as why Tara's father is brought up so much. Major Strickland was the dude that led the Marine assault on the island in C1. He eats it while the player and remaining survivors make their get away. But again, most people are just blasting away and not listing to the dialogue that is playing out, and I would be surprised if many people would remember him and his player support role anyway.

In an age of straight forward mindless balst-a-thons, this is more than welcome. Death is an inconvenience after all.

fastNslowww2788d ago

this article just well..kinda sucks.

MaxOpower2788d ago

I expected nothing of this game, had read nothing, had seen nothing. I did not play the first game.And brought the game out of boredom in rush.

And I was kind of blown away by both campaign and MP. The game war poorly pasted, but only at the like 3 times when the game tried to force the kind of dull story on you.

Rest of the time in both MP and Singleplayer, I were jumping away, shooting rockets, stealthing , and having tuns of pure fun, in MP too.

This game is not high art, but still great fun. But at times when it try to be something it isn't is (Mainly Half Life)the game kind of falls apart, witch is a shame.

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